Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Party time

So much to tell, so much to tell. I am cleaning house today because it looks like it is going to be a busy place this weekend. Linda decided that we should have a party Friday night and leave it open to anyone of our friends or family members who want to attend. That means we won’t know for sure how many are coming, who is coming, or what they know about our lifestyle. That makes me nervous because I don’t know what Linda has planned for me. She has been “outing” me to some of our friends that I feel she might have more of that planned. And now most of our family has seen me looking like Beverly in some form, or have at least heard about it, so they wouldn’t be surprised if Bev makes an appearance at the party. I am sure it will be a party I will remember. But, who knows, maybe Linda will leave that alone this time… NOT!

And then there is the matter of the little black dress… While I was gone last night, Darryl called and talked to Linda, and I gather it was a long conversation. Now this is my friend who I introduced to Linda. Now he calls when I am not home so he can talk to her. Not sure I like that. Anyway, he is going to be in town next week and wants to get together. This will be the opportunity for Linda to wear her new dress (I am sure she bought it with this kind of thing in mind). They decided that this will be another opportune time for me to cook and serve as well, so I am thinking that I will be there as Beverly for their amusement.

I had better get back to my cleaning as the house will be hosting a lot of people over the next week. Stay tuned.


Michael said...

You go girl! C'mon now, no worries - this is what you wanted, isn't it? I know it must be scary, but hey, that just makes it more exciting. And while your wife might "play" with Darryl - you know she must love you to do all of this for you - right? So relax, and enjoy the ride. I appreciate you letting me "peak" in.
PS - Where will Darryl be spending the night?

Michael said...

The waiting is killing me. Any gossip to share?