Thursday, July 17, 2008

Surprise visit

Linda left early Monday morning to attend a business conference in another city. She was riding with three co-workers so they picked her up at six a.m. and would drop her off at home when they got back. Linda was traveling with Anna (who knows all about ‘Beverly’ and our wife-led-marriage), Tom, and their boss Mike.

I wanted to extend my weekend so I took the day off work. That gave me the opportunity to put on my blue maid uniform and spend the day cleaning the house and preparing supper for Linda’s return. Since I had the day to myself, and hadn’t had time to indulge in my cross dressing in some time, I decided to go all out and put on make-up and wig so I really looked nice in my maid role. I only had light housecleaning to do, plus a few loads of laundry, so the day was easy and allowed me time to prepare a nice meal.

I was deeply engrossed in my cooking when I heard the car pull up in the drive. I realized that I had not told Linda of my plans of staying home and being the maid today so she would not be expecting to see me that way. I started to panic as I didn’t know if she would bring the others in or just get out of the car and come in alone.

Linda has always kept our personal life separate from her work life, with the exception of telling Anna everything. So when the door opened and Linda saw me in the kitchen in my maid’s uniform her expression was one of surprise. However, that quickly turned to a smile as she stepped through the doorway and was quickly followed by Anna. Anna broke into a big grin when she saw me, then announced that she was just stopping in to use the restroom. As she walked passed Linda I heard her whisper, “perhaps you should invite the men in.”

Linda stayed by the door and asked me “should I invite Mike and Tom in? I am sure they would like to meet my maid.” Just then I heard two car doors close and saw Linda turned back to the door. “She wouldn’t let them in to see me like this, would she?” I asked myself. My answer came as she reached for the door handle and opened the door with a smile. I quickly turned back to the stove so my back would be to our houseguests. I know I was turning bright red as I heard the door shut and Linda say “this is our maid, Beverly. I forgot that she was coming today.” I heard them say hi, but refused to turn towards them and just kept stirring the pot on the stove. Anna came back from the restroom and gave a little giggle as she realize that Tom and Mike had come into the house. Thankfully, the guys were in a hurry and didn’t speak to me. They said their goodbyes to Linda and the three of them left. I still didn’t turn around as I was afraid they would still be there. I heard their car leave as Linda came up and put her arms around my waist. “That must have been a thrill for you, getting caught by my boss and co-worker. But don’t worry. I could tell that they didn’t realize who you were. If they had, Tom would definitely said something about it.”

So from the back I guess I passed. But it sure made me nervous while it was going on.

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Kathy said...

Hi Sweetie, just found your blog.

I am not sure why, but most submissve men like to wear women's clothing. My man would love to dress up pretty. I am just not confortable with it.

It takes a lot of courage to be as open as you have been, with freinds amd family, about your lifestyle.

I am jsut curious, how does your mother feel about your lifestyle.
Is she 'ok'' with you wearing women's clothing?

Love, Kathy