Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just Spoiling Her!

We spent the weekend relaxing around the house... well, at least Linda was relaxing. I worked hard... cleaned the garage, picked up the house, made some salsa and chili for the cold nights ahead.
Saturday Linda reminded me that it had been a long time since I had shampooed her hair and spent time treating her to my other talents. So I gave her hair a long and luxurious washing and conditioning, then got out the nail tools and treated her to a pedicure and manicure. Then I topped off the night with an hour long massage. She was really relaxed and mellow when I finished. We sat curled up on the couch with soft music playing and quietly sat holding hands... very romantic.
Then the phone rang. I almost wish I had looked at the caller ID before answering so I could have let it go to voicemail. But I don’t' think Linda would have allowed me to do that. I picked up the phone on the first ring and my 'hello' was followed by "Well hello Beverly." Darryl!
This was the first time he had addressed me by my feminine name and I felt embarrassed and strange being called that by my friend. When I responded with "hello Darryl" Linda immediately sat up straight and got a big smile on her face. Gone was the mellow mood, and I instantly saw it replace by a gleam in her eyes. I could tell that she wanted me to hand her the phone as she released my hand from hers and waited. But Darryl wasn’t done with me yet.

“I hope I am not interrupting anything.”

“No, Linda and I were just relaxing this evening.”

“So what are you wearing right now? Are you dressed in something feminine?”

I know I turned bright red because Linda suddenly laughed at me. I quietly responded that yes, I was wearing something feminine this evening.

“So tell me what you are wearing,” he demanded, yet somehow I could tell that he was also smiling then.

“I’m wearing a yellow strappy t-shirt top and white shorts,” I meekly replied while not looking Linda’s way.

“Are they girly short shorts?”


“Are you wearing a bra and panty?”

“Yes,” again I replied, but weaker now.

“And what is Linda wearing?” I didn’t like where this was going.

“She has on green lounge cover-up,” I said as I looked at her, as if I didn’t know exactly what she was wearing.

“Short or long cover-up?” I told him it was short, about half way to her knees.

“Is she wearing a bra and panty also?” The way he said ‘also’ dug into me as it emphasized my feminine standing.

I reluctantly told him that she was not wearing anything under her cover-up. He laughed out loud when I revealed that I was the only one wearing a bra and panty. When he asked why she was naked under it I told him about our evening of me washing her hair and giving her a massage.

“You have been a good girl tonight, haven’t you.” When I didn’t reply he stated more firmly, demanding a reply… “haven’t you been a good girl?” Again, I meekly replied yes, to which he commanded “yes, what?’

Head down I replied, “yes, I’ve been a good girl tonight.” Linda could not contain her laughter and Darryl heard her. “Let me talk to Linda now, Sweetie.” I blushed once again as I handed the phone to Linda. She immediately straightened up on the couch and put some distance between us. I could see the transition go through her as she brightened to the sound of his voice. Then she glanced over to me, seeing me sitting there nervously.

“Why don’t you go into the kitchen and make us some popcorn. Not the microwave kind, the real stuff with butter and salt on it.” This was her way of getting me out of the room, knowing that it would take me some time to get the popper out and pop the corn.

When I came back into the room fifteen minutes later she was lying stretched out on the couch and her short cover-up was pulled up some. If I didn’t know better I would think that she was touching herself while talking to Darryl. I hope that wasn’t the case. But she sat upright when I place the popcorn and drinks on the coffee table in front of her.

Beverly is back with the refreshments so I had better go now.” Whatever they were talking about I wasn’t about to be let in on the conversation. She smiled at whatever Darryl said, looked over at me and concluded the phone conversation with “I will be sure to tell ‘her’.” I knew the ‘her’ was in reference to me, so when Linda hung up I asked “be sure to tell me what?”

“Darryl said that he is looking forward to having Beverly prepare dinner for us when he is in town. He thinks that he might be here next week and I told him that we would clear our calendars for him. Oh, and that he can stay here like we talked about.”

I never found out what the rest of the conversation was about. But I have a feeling that I will learn more very soon. I hope you will stick around for what’s to come.


All For Her said...

I'm on the edge of my seat!

Karen Singer said...

I'll be here for sure!


Anonymous said...

beverly - there's no reason to blush and get all embarassed just because you are a gurl. Darryl certainly knows what you are - so when He asks if you have been a good gurl, you should be happy to say that you are, indeed, a very good gurl...

You simply can't go through life blushing all the time just because somebody calls you a gurl... That is what you are now.. Isn't that so?

As for Linda's plans... You can hardly blame her for wanting quality time with a Real Man, beverly. And so what if she is having phone sex with Darryl? She's a woman with needs, beverly - certainly, you must understand that by now... It's a consequence for being such a sissy, beverly...

Miss D

little shaun said...

i can't believe you didn't know for sure that Linda was having phone sex with Darryl. Of course She was.

Phred said...

Please give us an update. This is taking too long!! Are you a Vikes fan?