Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween party follow-up

So much has been happening that I had better try to catch up.

For Halloween, Linda and I went to a party at friends’ house. There were about 20 guests, most of whom we knew well. As I mention before, I wore a French Maid outfit, one that was custom made for me, not one of those cheap ‘one-size-fits-all’ specials. Linda came up with a sexy naughty nurse outfit that she borrowed from Anna, again a custom made outfit. The dress was really short and the material so thin that it was almost transparent, so everyone could clear see her bra and bikini panty through it. I told her how much everything showed when she tried it on and I tried to convince her to wear a teddy or short slip with it. But I could tell she enjoyed the naughtiness of it and was looking forward to wearing it to the party.

Once at the party, Anna informed me that I was to greet arriving guests and serve the snacks. With that, Linda and Anna walked away leaving me to attend to the guests. Of course I received many comments on out appearance, some nice and some not so nice. I can’t count the number of times the back of my short dressed was lifted up as someone stole a peak at my ruffled panties. I endured much laughter, snickers, and pinches or grabs as I helplessly wandered around the room from person to person.

Linda looked to be enjoying herself as I saw her dancing with several different partners during the evening as well as sitting for some time on Ron’s lap. I noticed his hand gently rubbing her ass the whole time while the other hand rested comfortably on her stockinged thigh. As the evening progressed so did their flirting. By the end of the evening Ron was firmly attached at the hip with Linda. And as the final guests were leaving Anna asked me to stay and finish helping her clean up while Ron offered to give Linda a ride home. It was almost ninety minutes later that I finished my work and was ready to drive home. I was a bit irritated that Ron hadn’t returned as we live only 5 minutes away from them. And I was even more concerned when Anna gave me a kiss on the cheek to thank me for all of my help, then announced that she would call Linda to tell her I was on my way. Talk about giving a ‘heads up’!

As I drove into the garage Ron was coming out the door with his arm still around Linda’s waist, only now she was wearing her robe instead of the nurse’s dress. Ron gave me a hug, whispered “thanks for everything tonight” into my ear, then dropped his hands to grab my ass and planted a big kiss right on my lips. I stood there, stunned, as he got into his car and drove off. Linda wrapped her arm around my waist and escorted me into the house. Nothing was said or asked about what had taken place that night. There would be another time for that.

I must go and finish cleaning the house… because Darryl is coming tomorrow!


M said...

I guess we ALL know what happened..how do you feel about it?

PS Pictures please (pretty please?)

Iowabev said...

Linda hasn't said anything about the other night, but I think you may be right.
And sorry, no photos of Linda or the others because of the risk of someone we know seeing them. So you will just have to settle for the 'generic ones' I post.
Thanks for writing.

little shaun said...

So you're officially a cuckold. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Who can blame Linda for a bit of fun with a real man? Living with a gurly thing like beverly can't be easy - who could possibly blame Linda when beverly is such a sissy? Besides, beverly got a nice kiss too...

And this weekend beverly will have her bottom turned red to match the color of her face when Linda seduces Darryl. Are you going to show us your fire red behind beverly?

Miss D

Yoyo said...

My dream, Beverly!
I'd love to serve as a maid during a party, feeling a lot of hands riding up my skirt pinching and groping and slapping my panties clad bum.
Wonderful story!