Thursday, February 26, 2009

Filling In the Family

On the flight back from Florida, Linda and I discussed how we were going to handle our families’ questions and what we were going to tell them about our trip. We agreed that there was no reason to divulge the details of our time with Darryl and Roger. We wanted to keep those details to ourselves because friends and family wouldn’t understand or appreciate how things had naturally progressed during our week there. Of course I was elated to know that Linda would not be sharing any of those intimate details as I didn’t want anyone to know what took place with either Linda and Darryl or Roger and me. I had worried that Linda would talk about that part of our trip with either her sister or her best friend, Anna. But she assured me that she would keep that just between us.

It was a good thing that we had talked about that because we had hardly been home an hour before Linda’s sister was calling and wanting to know all about the trip. As I listened to Linda’s side of the phone conversation I thought once or twice she might start to weaken, but she held strong to her resolve and only talked about the great weather and the game.

We didn’t get together with either of our families for several weeks after our return because of other obligations. Finally it was decided that we would host an informal party at our house for the Super Bowl.

Unlike past family gatherings, no meal was prepared as everyone just brought snacks to share. This meant I didn’t spend most of the time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up. Why was this significant? Because I didn’t spend the evening in any kind of feminine mode… no apron, no feminine clothing, not even any hints of discussions or comments about my housewife role as in past family get-togethers. I was really surprised by this as I was treated as a regular guy the whole time. It allowed Linda and I to tell the details about going to the bowl game, which everyone wanted to hear about. We kind of glossed over the rest of the trip and the family finally got their fill of it so we could put that behind us.

I know you wanted to hear that I was totally embarrassed in front of our family by being ultra feminine attired and serving everyone drinks while wearing my French Maid outfit, or having to endure the torture of revealing intimate details of Linda’s time with Darryl or me having a date (and more) with Roger. Sorry to say, nothing like that happened.

See, if this was fiction I would have gone on with stories like that for weeks. But I’m being honest here folks. But don’t give up on me. There is still a lot of juicy things to share, which I will do so soon.


alan said...

Give up on you? Because you got to enjoy a family party?

I don't think so...

but I'm happy for you!


bdenied said...

actually few if any of us tell our families the details of our sexual lives and for good reason. It none of their damn business...just because we are in alternative lifestyles does not mean we have to feel guilty because we dont tell every one...and no I did not want you embarrassed by being in feminine attire...there is a time and a place for everything