Friday, February 27, 2009

It seemed to have become a routine now. I would get up and start fixing Linda’s breakfast as she would get ready for work. Some mornings, if I woke early enough, I would shower and get dressed in a skirt or dress, maybe put on one of my maid uniforms if I was planning on cleaning that day. And then some mornings we would wake at the same time and I would head to the kitchen still in my nightgown, slipping into robe and slippers first. Each morning as she headed out to work Linda’s last image of me was always of me looking feminine. And each evening when she walked in the door I was usually putting the dinner on the table while dressed in a dress or skirt, never slacks unless I was in male mode. Even then, I would be wearing an apron while working in the kitchen.

What I am getting at here is that Linda was constantly seeing me looking feminine to some degree, and more and more 100% so. Of course there were times that we were together as a ‘normal’ couple, like when we went out to dinner or grocery shopping on Saturday mornings. However, those times were becoming more of the exception than the rule. She seemed really happy with this, commenting often on my appearance with compliments and an occasional suggestion. I was loving my lifestyle as well because I was enjoying indulging in my crossdressing to my heart’s content. I guess I should have realized that there was a price to pay for this, and that price was Linda thinking of me less and less as the man she married and more as her feminine friend.

Our nightly conversations over dinner and while relaxing for the evening had become more like conversations carried on by girlfriends or sisters. We talked about what was going on with me, which consisted of mostly housework and cooking, and about her day and the people she interacted with. A lot of the longer conversations were about ‘our guys’, Darryl and Roger. We talked on the phone with them often, Linda and Darryl several times a week, Roger and I at least once a week. At night we would compare notes on what we had talked to them about, giggling at the funny little things we shared and, more and more, about the intimate things.

It was the intimate sharing that often led to us getting aroused and heading to the bedroom. Even in bed, our activities took on the form of two girls together in a lesbian romance. Linda preferred that I stay in feminine mode. “We wouldn’t want to cheat on our guys, would we?” she would tease. While we were being sexually intimate almost every night now, it was not like typical husband and wife. But neither of us seemed to be complaining.

We both were accepting this change in our relationship. We talked about it often and decided that, while we didn’t think it would be permanent or even long lasting, we would enjoy it for now until either of us tired of it. It was fun and enjoyable. And since each of us was getting pleasure from it almost nightly, why fight it? And so we are.


ritemate said...

You and Linda really have a beautiful relationship, being the closest of friends, and now also lesbian lovers! Of course She can’t see you as the man you are no more, you should be happy to get sex almost every night. Is it improper to ask for details? Are you allowed to come from oral ministrations, or by Her rubbing your clittie? Anyhow, good to hear that all is well in your relation.

little shaun said...

I always thought sex between people like us and other women should take the form of a lesbian relationship. I too wonder about the details of your lovemaking with Linda.

alan said...

That you have grown even closer together through all of this and grown even more comfortable together as well shows what true trust and love can do for a relationship!

Maybe in my next lifetime...


Anonymous said...

hi Beverly,

I live in the Quad Cities! What part of Iowa are you in? I envy you your wonderful relationship with both your wife and with Roger. I've dated some men and had similar fun experiences.


Iowabev said...

Hi Alecia,
Thanks for writing. I live about 80 miles from you near Cedar Rapids. Hope you are enjoying my blog. I would love to hear your experiences.