Friday, February 20, 2009

Phone Home

I know what you really want. You want to know what has transpired between Linda and I since we returned from Florida. You want to know what we told our family and friends about the trip. And you want to know if we have heard from Darryl and Roger almost as much as you want to know what’s happened with our sex life. I am right, aren’t I? And you won’t be happy until I answer the questions and divulge the dirt. Well, I am not going to do it, so there. Oh, stop crying. You know that I was just kidding. Ok, I will try to get into much of that with this post and the next few to follow. So turn off the TV, grab the popcorn, put the phone on mute, and away we go. And don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Let’s start with the juicy stuff. Sex. Or lack of sex is more like it. As you might remember, for those who have been with me for that long, in mid-November Linda and I were planning on hosting Darryl at our house for a couple of days. Linda had informed me that I would be sleeping in the guest room so she and Darryl could be together in the master bedroom. Along with that announcement came the bomb… she and I would not be having sex until after Darryl left. Unfortunately, the weather gods were not smiling on us and the ice, snow, and cold kept Darryl from making the trip.

Around that same time our favorite football team was invited to play in a bowl game in Florida and we decided to take the trip to watch them as well as to spend some time with Darryl. Because of the impending trip, Linda decided that it would be a good idea to put our sex life on hold until after our trip and her time with Darryl. By the time we returned home from the trip it had been six weeks since Linda and I had enjoyed sex together. SIX WEEKS!

Unfortunately for me, Linda had been so sexually satisfied by Darryl during our week in Florida that she wasn’t in any hurry to rush back into having sex with me. I was still sorting out some of the things I had done with Roger so I didn’t press her about it. Another two weeks, then three, passed without resuming our intimacy. It has now been three months (!) and we still haven’t made love to each other. We talk about it and Linda teases me about how she is making me wait. She talks about how good Darryl was and reminds me what she witnessed on Roger’s boat. She has even come right out a couple of times and said that she still sees me as the girlfriend who double-dated with her in Florida and who spend those romantic nights with Roger. In other words, she is having trouble seeing me as her husband right now.

Of course there are a few things that are reinforcing that for her… I am dressing up more around the house, like constantly, since our return. And second, she has been talking on the phone with Darryl quite a lot since we got back. I know that Darryl has been saying things to her about her sissy husband and reminding her about what I did and how I acted in Florida. I know that Darryl feels like he has staked a claim on Linda and most likely telling her not to have sex with me. How long this will last, I have no idea.

Speaking of phone conversations, Linda and Darryl have been burning up the phone lines a lot. They talk at least two times a week and sometimes it seems like its almost daily. I can tell when the phone rings that it is Darryl because Linda gets a big grin on her face, then heads for the bedroom or living room so she can talk privately. The calls last a long time, often an hour or more. After the calls, Linda is usually pensive and withdrawn, desiring to be left alone.

I guess I should mention that the reason I wasn’t upset over Linda’s phone fantasy world was because I was enjoying my own. I was receiving my share of phone calls from Roger. That man had certainly exposed a side of me that I hadn’t even known existed, and I was enjoying the thrill, even if it was long distance. I believe that the reason I was dressing more often was that I never knew when he would call and I wanted to be in femme form when he did.


ritemate said...

You’re so right, this is what I’ve been waiting to read about. Thank you so much for sharing so generously! It must be nice for you to be able to be your femme self at home, especially when you’re waiting for Roger’s phone calls. But what about your housewife shopping? Do you dress up as a man then? Are you using male underwear at all nowadays? Does no sex with Linda mean no relief for you at all, or are you “taking things in your own hands”?
Best wishes

MaryMary said...

Dear Beverly,
Good morning. It's easy to see why Linda has a hard time seeing you as her husband. No sex is rough but I hope she still has you give her head. If Margaret did not want me to go down on her I would just die. She likes the occasional penetration, as well as her penetrating me, but when I have my face between her legs I am in heaven.
You must realize that there probably isn't any going back, at least for a long while. There is plenty of room to go forward though. Has she mentioned hormones. It seems she has no problem with your feminity privately or publically.
Margaret showed me a youtube clip she watched were a thin pantied pony-tailed young man was posing for his mistress. He had tiny budding breasts and Margaret thought they were so cute. "What do you think, Mary? You like." I didn't say a word. She told me to run along and continue what I was doing (cleaning the Kitchen cabinets). I don't know what I think. They did look cute though. How about you?
Enjoy yourself,

little shaun said...

I think it's only natural that you don't have sex with Linda. Why would you want Linda to cheat on Darryl like that?

I think I have a good idea of where this is headed, but I want to keep it to myself and see if I am right.

Phred said...

Thanks for the update. When are Darryl and Roger coming for a visit?

MaryMary--could you give us the link for the YouTube video?


MaryMary said...

i tried to find it but was unsuccessful. I do not want to ask Margaret how to find it because I am not sure if I want to bring up the topic again. If I find it I'll let you know. Sorry.

alan said...

Happiness is rare in this world; I hope you both find it, no matter how this plays out!