Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie

When I come back in my next life I'm coming back as Barbie.
That bitch has everything!


alan said...

Including that new party house in Malibu! Of course, I couldn't even afford the taxes, lol!


whatevershesays said...

Now that was f#cking funny as hell. Cracked me up.

Cherryleopard said...

ah... Barbi... even as a not very girly girl child I adored my Barbies. One of my all time favorite Barbie items that I had was the ski lodge and ski jump ramp. My Barbie went on lots of adventures.

Thanks for bringing me a smile by prompting these memories.

ritemate said...

OK, Barbie seems happy enough, but
1. She hasn’t got a loving and teasing Wife called Linda
2. Would you really want to trade in Roger for Ken?
3. Your relation with Darryl is much more interesting than anything I’ve heard about Barbie
4. If Iowa doesn’t seem as glamorous as Malibu, you’ll always have Florida
5. I’d read your blog rather than hers any day
6. Has she even got panties with shamrocks?
So I think maybe you’re the lucky girl, Bev