Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just when you think you have everything figured out...

I am so far behind that I feel I need to talk about some of my most resent activities and catch up on the older stuff when I have more time. I hope that is alright with you.

Last week was a good week for Linda and I. We had some time to relax and enjoy each other as well as enjoy time with our families. Since we got back from Florida it seems like it has been quite difficult to find time for the two of us to enjoy. Work has been busy for each of us. I can’t believe that it has been two months since our fun in the sun.

Anyway, let’s start with some pampering, shall we. Thursday evening Linda mentioned that it had been a long time since I had washed her hair for her, so I immediately suggested we retire to the bathroom where I drew her a bath and let her soak in the bubbles as I prepared to wash her hair. If you have never washed your partner’s hair, I strongly suggest you give it a try. It can be so sensual and relaxing, and darn right sexy if done properly. After I had her hair all lathered up, my soapy hands found their way down to her awaiting breasts and gave them a thorough cleaning while teasing her nipples. That set the tone for the rest of the evening.

After she was out of the tub and dried off, we slipped into bed where I continued her pampering with a full body massage, lingering awhile at the fun and naughty places. She was putty in my hands. While lying beside her head to toe/toe to head, she slipped my erection into her mouth as I returned the oral pleasure to her. Then she pushed me onto my back and flipped around to kiss me, exchanging our fluids during a tongue wrestling match, and eased herself onto my waiting penis.

She reminded me that this was the first time I had entered her in almost 4 months. Yes, she had kept me waiting that long. She also reminded me that she hadn’t been fucked in two months, the last time being by Darryl the day we left Florida. She said that the memories of how he felt had finally faded so she wouldn’t be comparing me to his love-making. With this talk I wasn’t able to hold out long and found myself cumming quickly, and leaving her unsatisfied. She remedied that by sliding off my spent cock and targeting her messy pussy over my face.

“It’s been two months since you have enjoyed this taste also,” she proclaimed as she lowered herself onto my waiting mouth. I licked and sucked, and sicked and lucked for all I was worth as she bucked and rode me. Finally finished, we laid quietly in the afterglow, holding hands and sighing contently.

The next morning at breakfast she asked what I had planned for the day. I told her that I had a hair appointment after lunch and maybe some shopping to do. She asked me what I was shopping for, and I hesitated before telling her that our favorite store was having a sale on the panties that I like and I wanted to pick up some. She smiled as I blushed about revealing my plans, then suggested that we go together after she got off work and then we could grab dinner someplace. Getting out of cooking sounded good to me, so I agreed. Plus, we hadn’t been shopping together since before we went to Florida.

When I got to the salon I received a surprise. After I was done getting my hair washed, my stylist, Meghan, smiled at me. I could tell by the look on her face that something was up. It seems that Linda had called her and asked her to do something special for her. Linda told Meghan how I had treated her to a shampoo and massage the night before and Linda wanted to give me a treat in return. With that, Meghan told me that she was going to give me a really cute and sexy AND FEMININE style today. She got out her curling irons and proceeded to cut, curl, spray, tease, backcomb, and toy with my hair. Then, reaching into her drawer, she took out some hair ribbons and wove those into my waves and curls until I was left with an ultra feminine hairstyle. It was cute and would have looked lovely on any gal. The only problem was that I was in guy mode that day and not looking the least bit feminine… until now.

I received many comments and smiles from the other people in the salon as I went to the front counter to pay. Just before leaving Meghan dropped another bombshell. I was supposed to go directly from there and pick up Linda from work so we could go shopping. I had hoped to be able to run home and change clothes and put on some make-up, but Linda had other ideas… I was going to go shopping with my hair done up fancy for all to see!

Linda raved over my hair as she got in the car, then instructed me to drive on to the mall. I have been shopping for women’s clothing many times and have no problems doing so dressed either in guy mode or as Beverly. But going shopping with my hair like it was and dressed as a man was going to be embarrassing to say the least.

We headed straight for the lingerie department and were greeted immediately by a helpful sales clerk who somehow managed to suppress her laughs while looking at my hair. Of course it came as no surprise to her that we were looking for panties for me and she stayed by our side as we perused the displays and commented on various styles and color. Having finally made my selection, we made our way to the checkout and paid for our purchases. She sent us off with a warm ‘come back again’, and I was sure she would be dashing over to her co-workers to share the latest ‘guess what I just saw’ story.

Fortunately, Linda was more hungry than wanting to shop, so we headed off to dinner. Being a Friday night, our dining choice was quite busy, which meant even more people being exposed to the femme man. Somehow I managed to make it through the whole ordeal without dying of embarrassment, and Linda and I were able to laugh about the strange activity when we got home.

One thing I have to say about living with Linda, it is never dull.


alan said...

Yours is an amazing partnership...one I envy you though my heart would fear it as well!


Iowabev said...

Thanks Alan. I will admit that it is seldom boring!
Take care,

sooon_now said...

Bev - your feelings track so closely to mine. Though we as a couple are not near as far along as you and yours has come the desire is there. Also interesting is the fact that we are also from Iowa - though SW part of the state. Is there anyway to chat directly or e-mail?

Iowabev said...

Hello fellow Iowan,
you can email me directly at tmiowa@hotmail.com. Love to hear from you. Make sure you put your blog name in the subject box so I know it is from you and get it by the spam filter.

little shaun said...

It must have been quite a privilege to be allowed to have sex with Darryl's girlfriend.

ritemate said...

Thanks for another lovely post; it’s good to know that all is well in your marriage. But (like shaun) I think that you and Linda were being naughty, cheating on your boyfriends – or did She get permission from Darryl to fuck you? Do you feel more of a man now, or do you still feel mostly feminine? At least, you should probably dress en femme on your next visit to Meghan to avoid further humiliation. It seems that Linda gets more satisfaction from your lesbian skills than from your short visit to Her pussy. Isn’t it time for Darryl to visit again and reclaim His rights? If you’re lucky, maybe Roger will be accompanying Him.
Dare I hope for more photos of the lovely La?

alan said...

Just stopping by to see what was new...hope you and Linda are having a great weekend!


Liz Romney said...

Dear Beverly & Linda,

A lovely blog (those words seem like a non-sequitur). I was directed to your blog just the other day so it's taken me some time to catch up with things.

It's well written, always teasing us with sly come-ons, must be your truly feminine self coming to the fore.

Your marriage seems so strong. I wish both of you well... and many more happy adventures.


PS Don't let the anonymous losers bug Bev, you're so much better than them.