Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Luck of the Irish

Even though I work from my home, there are times that I am required to meet with clients in their businesses, go to lunch meetings, or work on location. During these times I put my feminine presentation aside and tow the straight and narrow… in other words, totally in guy mode.

That is how things have been a lot lately. My work has been full and busy, thus more outside meetings and obligations. Last week I looked at my upcoming schedule and realized that I had a meeting with a client scheduled for lunch on Tuesday, which as St. Patrick’s Day. My client’s name is McNamara so I thought that there was a strong chance that he would be observing the day in style. So I felt that I should wear something green in his honor. The only problem was, I had nothing ‘green’ in my closet! Nothing!!

I told Linda about this on Friday and she suggest we go out shopping this weekend together so she could help me pick something out. I should point out here that I have a black belt in shopping, at least when it comes to buying for her or for ‘Beverly’. But my male side gets virtually nothing new when it comes to clothes. While I can easily spend $90 for a new blouse, I have a hard time bringing myself to pony up $15 for a man’s dress shirt. Thus my male clothing is outdated and cheap while the girls get anything they want. Only another die core crossdresser would understand this.

That being the case, I was thrilled when Linda said she would go shopping with me. We made plans to go out Saturday afternoon after lunch. Low and behold, who should call just before we were ready to go out the door? None other than Darryl! Of course Linda was not going to miss that call so she told me to go into the living room and wait for her while she talked to Darryl on the bedroom extension. I knew that this was going to take awhile. An hour later she came bouncing into the room, ready to go shopping.

She talked all of the way to the mall about Darryl and what’s been going on with him. Fortunately, she left out the intimate stuff, otherwise I would not have been able to concentrate on driving or felt much like shopping. I could also sense something changing in her attitude as we got out of the car at the mall.

The first store we went into she suggested heading to the lingerie department. I reminded her that I was there to find a green shirt and she said that she hadn’t forgotten, but that Darryl had made a few suggestions to her.

We walked over to a panty display that was set up for St. Patrick’s Day. The table was covered with various styles of panties; bikinis, hiphuggers, thongs… all either in green or with shamrocks and leprechons covering them. We had just started searching through the assortment when a young sales clerk wandered over, asking if we needed any help.

“My boyfriend told me that my husband needed some special panties for St. Patrick’s Day,” Linda offered while I turned crimson. I had no idea that she was going to do this. The salesgirl’s jaw kind of dropped at that. Then Linda picked up a green sequined hiphugger and asked me if I like it. I was still in shock and didn’t answer her immediately.

“Answer me or I will have you drop you slacks and panties and spank your naked ass right here in front of everyone,” Linda commanded. I quickly stammered yes as the salesgirl broke into a smile.

Then Linda picked up a thong that had “Kiss me, I’m Irish!” written across it. “Too bad Darryl isn’t here. He would love seeing me in these,” she smiled.

Fortunately, that was the extent of the lingerie shopping, and public humiliation. Linda must have felt that she had put me through the wringer enough for one day. We continued on to the men’s department where I picked out a normal dress shirt in green. On Tuesday I wore my new shirt along with my new green panty for my lunch meeting.

I am sure that Darryl got a big kick out of hearing about my shopping outing with Linda. I know that sales gal won’t soon forget it.


Joni's jeanie said...

That is great!

and i do know exactly how it is when it comes to male shopping vs girl shopping,....
but i did have a new job last month, so my GirlFriend bought and picked out the shirts, while i went for the pants, in the girls department,... all at a thrift store! lol no way am i buying new for male clotes!

Rock the panties!


Liz Romney said...

Well Linda is certainly getting into it, with the help of Darryl's prodding (can I use that word here?) no doubt.

And tell us true, Beverly, the rush is fun... afterwards.


PS You cleared the hurdle of Linda calling Darryl her boyfriend?

alan said...

I think my heart skipped a beat for you as I read...I know I stopped breathing for a bit!


ritemate said...

Linda is obviously taking more and more interest in erotic humiliation. Does this make Her hot for more lesbian lovemaking? Please keep us posted, I’m sure you’re in for more blush-inducing moments.

Suzanne said...

My sissy hubby and I often shop for panties together. The humiliation of it for her is sometimes intense. However, you took it up a notch in this scene! Kudos!


sissy cindy said...

i once had something similiar happen years ago to me. i was dating a very Dom GF who knew i was a sissy and took me shopping for panties. Here's an excert of what i have written about that time.

Soon she brought me to a department store lingerie department to see what I'd like for myself. She held up nylon lacey panties to my hips and spoke in a loud enough voice, "Yes, I know you'll look cute in these. These are the kind you like to wear, aren't they?" as she tried them up to me on their little hangers for sizing. "Pick out something you'd like for yourself." I was flabbergasted, panicked and in an altered state of sexually frenzied
fear. I grabbed a pair of white lacey Maidenform nylon ladies' briefs in my size. "These are not panties. These are ladies' briefs! I thought you told me you like wearing ladies panties, but you've told me nothing about briefs! So which do you like better? Tell me! Should I put back these other selections and switch to all briefs or do you just want to wear these briefs sometimes and keep these other pretty panties I picked out? After all, I
want you to be happy with these since you'll be wearing them." I chose to keep her wonderful selections and the one pair of briefs. She made me get on the check out line and "pay for the panties and briefs, since they are for you."
All the other women there, having overheard, gave me knowing smiles and giggles mixed with a sense of "this is the absolutely correct thing for a woman to do to her companion," although some looked like the idea of female domination and control had suddenly dawned on them at that moment.
sissy cindy lynn