Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Little Off The Top

I recently went to my hairstylist for my monthly appointment. I was the first appointment of the day so it was just Meghan and me alone in the salon. She was in a talkative mood and as soon as I sat down she was peppering me with questions. She really loves hearing about Linda and me, and about our wife-led relationship which Meghan says she wants for her and her boyfriend so I think she takes inspiration from my antics. She loves to hear what Linda has had me do recently, about our families involvement with me as Beverly, and especially about our exploits with Darryl and Roger. She is fascinated with the fact that I dated a guy while dressed as Beverly.

So during this visit she wanted to know if I had heard from Roger. When I told her about his offer to have me come to Florida to visit him she was really excited by it. She started right in peppering me for details… was I going to take him up on the offer?... when would I be going?... how long would I stay?... would we be staying on his boat or at the condo?... what plans had we made?

Of course I haven’t decided if or when I would be taking Roger up on the offer, though a vacation sure sounds good right now. Linda and I have agreed that anything along those lines would be put on hold for awhile and we would be concentrating on just the two of us for the time being.

Meghan still wanted to talk about the ‘what if’s’ so we enjoyed some mild fantasy talk about what it would be like if I went. She really got me turned on with her questions and shared thoughts. It was a good thing that Linda wasn’t there to hear any of this.

By the way, I left there with a really cute short bob hairstyle, complete with streaks of highlights throughout my light brown hair… all ready for summer! Meghan loves treating Beverly to a fun time at the salon and I look forward to every visit.


alan said...

Love to see a pic of your new 'do!

Having someone to talk to gives things so much more depth!

Thanks for including us in the conversation!


ritemate said...

Congrats Bev!
You’re really developing into a major IRL FLR ambassador.
The benefits from the Woman being in charge should now be obvious to both Meghan and your relative. I hope your relative will be inspired to steer away from Her abusive husband and start over again with a nice submissive male.

bdenied said...

the interesting thing is that someone you would think is so vanilla is so interested in someone with so many flavors in the store.