Friday, May 29, 2009

Putting my best foot forward.

Finally getting back to normal around home. Our houseguest hasn’t left yet, but she is gone during the daytime so I am able to get back into my housekeeping routine.

Last night was kind of unusual. Our houseguest is a somewhat distant relative that is going through a difficult time and needs a place to stay away from an abusive husband. Fortunately, there are no kids involved. The only challenges are that we don’t know how long she will be with us and she doesn’t know anything about “Beverly” or our wife-led relationship. She knows that I work out of the home and because of that, I do most (all) of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. She thinks that it is great that I ‘chip in’ and help with the household chores as her husband would never lift a finger to help.

Linda and I decided that it would be best to keep our relationship looking somewhat normal while she is here… so I am not dressing enfemme. Well, at least I’m not going overboard. Most of my clothing is ladies apparel and has a slight feminine flare. But I am leaving the dresses and makeup locked away while she is here. Of course this may all come out if Linda’s sister or mother comes around as they may not be as discrete as we are. We just feel with the pressures and tension that this poor woman has been through that we don’t need to add any more to her life.

That being said, last night we were sitting together watching a movie when Linda asked me to open a bottle of wine. I am so use to doing what she asks that I never even thought about it and quickly got up to get the wine. Cindy smiled at Linda as I left the room and said “boy, you really have him trained.”

That seemed to ignite something in Linda and when I returned she asked me to change the color of her toenail polish. So I found myself at Linda’s feet with a bottle of polish in my hand. I could see Cindy watching me as she stared on. Then Linda kind of shocked me by offering my services to Cindy. At first Cindy said no, but as I finished Linda’s toes Cindy said “I guess my feet could use the attention.”

Linda told me to give her a complete pedicure so I went and got the foot tub and scrubs. It took Cindy several minutes to relax at my touch, but finally I felt her give into the relaxing attention and she sat back and closed her eyes as I massaged her feet. An hour later both ladies had great looking toes.


Sachi said...

interesting for sure you go girl.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful experience for you, I often dream of being placed in this position by Jane. What a great way for Linda to express her dominance and for you to show your submission.

Susan's Pet said...

I assume you developed an erection doing that. I did reading it.

alan said...

As did I...wonder if Linda enjoyed it as well?