Sunday, September 27, 2009

Salon Trippin'

Tuesday was my monthly salon appointment with Meghan, my hairstylist. Meghan knows all about my feminine alter ego and enjoys hearing my latest exploits. She always schedules me as her first appointment of the day, usually before the other stylists come in to work. Yesterday’s appointment was no exception. In fact, she had scheduled me a full hour before others were due because I was to have my hair colored along with styling. Once the color was “cooking”, she sat down in the stylist chair beside mine.

“Ok, we have at least 45 minutes before anyone else is due in, so let’s hear the latest news about Beverly and Linda,” she instructed as she reclined in the chair.

I filled her in on Darryl’s last visit, my double date with Jesse and the ‘other couple’ of Linda and Darryl. She wanted to know all of the details so I found myself opening up and telling her everything… my greeting Darryl at the door and how I was dressed, how he greeted and kissed Linda along with how I felt watching this. I even told her about Linda and Darryl’s night out alone while I sat home dressed in my little girl dress (she laughed hysterically at that) as well as Darryl’s instruction to Linda about staying naked whenever she was home during his stay.

“Did anyone drop in? What did she do then?” Meghan asked wide-eyed as I told about Linda’s shaved mound and Pam’s unexpected visit.

“Oh MY GOD! Linda walked around naked in front of your sister? How did that make you feel? Did Darryl do anything in front of Pam with your wife?”

So I told her about Linda having to make an entrance and stand naked in front of us. Plus I found myself admitting to me being spanked by both ladies, which Meghan found highly amusing and teased me about it.

Then she wanted to know about the double date and where we went. That meant telling her about our trip to the tattoo parlor and me having to show her my piercing which led to a 10 minute discussion of sharing our piercing experiences as I found out she had gotten her navel pierced while in high school.

“Tell me about Linda’s tattoo. What did you think about her getting it?” Meghan inquired.

I told her about the butterfly tattoo just above Linda’s hairless vagina and how I felt uneasy watching her undress before us (me, Jesse, Darryl, and the tattoo artist) as well as how it is healing nicely and really looks cute despite my initial feelings towards it.

“Does she let you see it up close often?” she mischievously asked, both of us know what she really meant and I acknowledge that I pay intimate homage to it often.

“So did Jesse spend the night?” she grinned as I turned bright red and nodded silently. “You are such a slut, Beverly,” she teased.

The bell ringing announced that it was time to rinse my hair and move on to the next phase. When finished rinsing, Meghan looked at my eyebrows and announced that they needed cleaning up. She commented on my latest adventure while applying wax to my brow line and ripping away until she was satisfied with my feminine arch.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for my own sake), our private time was up as two other stylist arrived. I was saved from any further self-depravation and relaxed as we talked about hair styles and other mundane things.

I love those visits and feel fortunate that I can share things with someone supportive like Meghan. It is good to have someone to confide in. Moreover, she is always so enthusiastic to hear my stories. We keep talking about going out together some night for drinks. I hope that happens soon as I know we would have a great time. Who knows, maybe we will even let Linda join us. If that happens, look out world!


Anonymous said...

your stylist must really like you Being one my self its not the norm to sit and chit chat while processing. And we dont come in early for just anyone. I would take her up on that drink sounds like good person

Beverly said...

Meghan is wonderful. And you can believe that I tip her VERY WELL.
Thanks for you comment.

ritemate said...

Sorry Bev,
I can’t follow you here. When you write that Meghan wanted to “hear the latest news about Beverly and Linda”, it implies that she wasn’t talking to you but to your male persona. Do you really mean that you went to her salon in order to improve your feminine looks dressed as a male?
Don’t you think that
a) You may look a bit odd with a feminine hair cut and feminine eyebrows but male clothes?
b) It may hamper Meghan’s efforts to make you look your feminine best if you’re trying to impersonate a male?
Next time I sincerely suggest that it’s Beverly who visits Meghan’s salon. You write that being Linda’s housewife is your number one priority; then you should strive to be as beautiful a housewife as possible. Don’t you think that Linda is worth it?

Liz Romney said...

Tough to look manly with plucked eyebrows Beverly ;-)


rtronce said...

I hope that all is well with you. I have missed reading your new posts.

Vickie said...

Ritemate says "You write that being Linda’s housewife is your number one priority; then you should strive to be as beautiful a housewife as possible. Don’t you think that Linda is worth it?"

Apparently you do. I've just been referred to this Blog by a friend
who admires -- no doubt envies -- your journey, and I've just finished reading the entirety seriatim (along with a few reader comments now and then). At this juncture I'm puzzled. Now that neither Linda nor you have further use for your penis, but a growing number have reason to accept and even admire your increasing feminininty, why shouldn't your body allign itself more harmoniously with its appearance and your social identity as a woman? Female hormones would smooth your skin and redistribute your adipose tissue, giving you curves -- especially those attractive curves called breasts. And breasts would give your gentleman friends and you two more places to enjoy your physicality. I can understand why you may be reluctant to propose it -- you've been submissively passive through the whole of your transformation, accepting much, suggesting little. But if Linda loves you, why hasn't it occurred to her? Do you never stare wistfully at the shapes of the women who illustrate this story, wishing you were as beautiful as they are? Does Linda never notice you staring at them? Don't you think, as you grow more and more accustomed to your roles as girlfriend as well as housewife, that you should be as beautiful a girlfriend and housewife as you can be in body as well as appearance and soul? That she deserves no less?

RhondaW said...

Hi Bev,
I have read and very much enjoyed your entire blog and followed you through the slow but consequent development on your road to ever more feminity, as my good friend Vickie correctly observed with a little pang of jealousy and envy. You are lucky to have a body that makes these changes possible. I am however a little bit concerned whether this development will lead to some problems sooner or later. Your good old friend Darryl has effectively taken over the lead in your marriage as he is now steering your wife according to his wishes. It's all done very slowly and cleverly and I am sure, both will never do anything harmful to you. But just imagine: What if you and your wife some day will make love again like a husband and wife usually do? Linda will not be able to keep it a secret form Darryl and what will he do? How can he assure his dominance over her and you too, which he certainly wants to uphold? I don't think you would be willing to give up your freedom to have orgasms as you wish, but what other choices are there? So just be careful! Resist any temptation!

Liz Romney said...

Yoo-Hoo! Beverly??? Wherefore art thou?

Hope everything is A-OK!