Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween Follow-Up

Yes, I am finally getting back and updating my blog. I must confess that I just ran into a case of writer’s block or maybe more like not having the desire to sit down in front of the computer and write. I feel bad that I have neglected my responsibilities to my faithful readers. I can’t promise that I will be keeping up any regular schedule, especially around the holidays, but I will try my best to make at least weekly additions to this site. And if anything really exciting happens, I will report it immediately. I promise!

I guess I should start by going back to where my last post left off… Halloween. For my costume, I just couldn’t bring myself to wear the French maid uniform as I associate it too much with actual work… cleaning or serving at parties… so that wasn’t going to feel right for this Halloween. And I am glad I didn’t wear it as at the bar we went to there were at least three other gals dressed in French maid costumes, though none as nice as my dress. Linda was kind of pushing for me to wear the little girl’s dress full of pink ruffles and frills. It would have been cute, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to wear on a date with Jesse. So I finally decided to fall back on an old faithful outfit; the naughty nurse dress. It is a really short white dress (an actual nurse’s uniform that has been shortened) that unbuttons down the front. I added the nurse’s cap, a red garter that held a play hypodermic needle, and a stethoscope. Under it I wore a white bra, panty, and garter belt to support the sexy hose. I LOOKED HOT! I received several complements on my appearance at the bar along with the proper response from Jesse as he had a hard time keeping his hands off of me all night. [Naughty nurse picture from "Being Femm" blog]

I spent that Saturday afternoon getting ready by taking a long leisurely bubble bath and shaving all over. I remember the famous line from “When Harry Met Sally” about whether to shave your legs or not before a date, and what that means (if you shave your legs it means you are expecting to have sex).

Jesse picked me up at 7:00, and Linda, for some reason, found an excuse to be out of the house before he got there. He was dressed as a pirate (how original, I think that there were only 12 other pirates at the bar). We hadn’t seen each other in a several weeks so things were a little stiff at first. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!

We went out to dinner first, which was a bit awkward because my costume was a bit too sexy for normal dining spots, even on Halloween. I know my legs got a lot of attention as we walked to our table and I was aware of how I was sitting the whole time, being careful not to flash anyone. At least there were a few other people in costume dining there at the same time, so not all of the attention was on us. Jesse and I relaxed and got comfortable with each other during dinner, so I knew the night was going to be fun.

The bar was fabulous. If you have never been to a gay bar on Halloween, you must give it a try sometime. The costumes are fantastic and anything goes. The place was so packed that we really couldn’t dance much on the dance floor. We just stood close to each other and bobbed along with the music. My short dress must have been giving off some kind of invitation because I can’t count how many times I was pinched or groped by strange hands that night. Of course Jesse’s hands also found their way under the skirt several times as he held my ‘cheeks’ as we danced. I guess that I was feeling no pain from the drinks because at one point while we were on the dance floor I realized that he had his hand on my lower back and held the hem of my dress in his hand so that my panty-covered ass was totally exposed. It had been like that for like 10 minutes before I realized what was going on. When I pushed his hand down, he got a look on his face like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar, trying to look all sweet and innocent.

As a gesture of full reporting to you, I must tell you that he did not spend the night with me. On the drive home, I playfully pulled his penis out of his pirate pants and kept him on the brink the entire drive. We got home before Linda (she had gone out with the girls) so the house was dark and quiet when we got there. We went to the guest room where we took turns undressing each other. I guess I had done too good of a job prepping him (hey, I was dressed as a nurse wasn’t I?) because as I brought my mouth close to his erection, it exploded all over my face. He was so embarrassed by his lack of control that he excused himself soon after that and left, pretty much leaving me high and dry. Damn, that’s frustrating!

I was asleep before Linda got home so we didn’t talk until the next morning. She just laughed at my frustration. “Now you know how girls feel,” she smirked.

So even though my Halloween ended on a negative note, it was a fun night otherwise. Jesse called on Sunday and apologized for his abrupt departure, feigning that he had never had that problem before (how many times have you heard that one girls?), and promised to make it up on our next date.

Jesse, don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen anytime soon.


Jeanie Love Jones said...

is all i can say,,...


Liz Romney said...

Jeez Beverly, poor Jesse short hits on you and he's history but you're right it was because you were so F'ing HOT!

Anyway, there are more fish in the sea (even if Iowa isn't near anything that can be considered sea-like). Plus, "straight" guys are more fun any way.

Thanks for the Update Sweetie!


Marian said...

Bev -

You can always go for another date with Jesse.... And tell him that you won't let him go until he has shot two loads....