Monday, November 30, 2009

Survivor - Thanksgiving

We survived the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with the only casualty being to my waistline. I wish I could figure out why I think that there has to be three times as much food available as we could possibly eat.

This year found Linda and I once again hosting both families at our house. The difference this time was that we dined with the two families on different days. We fed her family on Wednesday evening and my family on Thursday at noon. It seems to work better that way so we can both enjoy our respective families without as many worries that someone will feel slighted. By that I mean our mothers as they tend to get a bit competitive for attention.

The downside to this arrangement was that I had to prepare two meals instead of one. Also, the menu was almost identical for both days. Fortunately, that kept me from pigging out both days.

Linda made fun of me because I had prepared a spreadsheet for food preparation for both days. However, I got the last laugh as each day the all of the food was ready on time and to perfection.

I half expected that she would have me in a dress for at least one of the meals, but, fortunately, she allowed me to wear slacks and a shirt each day. Of course they were women’s black slacks and colored shirts but not overly feminine in cut or style.

However, the outline of the bra I wore each day was quite visible underneath the shirts. I know this for sure because when Linda’s sister came into the kitchen Wednesday evening, the first thing she did was come over to me to give me a hug and immediately let her hand trace the outline of my bra straps. I was busy cooking so all I could do is stand there and let her have her fun. Also, when my sister, Pam, arrived on Thursday morning, I was once again busy in the kitchen and she walked over to me and whispered in my ear, “I think one of your straps is twisted.”

I should also point out that each day I was wearing a very feminine and cute apron. On Thursday my mother’s only comment was, “you look very nice, Dear.”

For the most part it was a normal family gathering both days. I did see Pam corner Linda at one point and quietly asked her what the latest news was on Darryl.

Is he coming back here again soon? I would love to take him up on his offer to take me flying. You could come along, too, of course,” I overheard her say to Linda. She made a point of looking over at me to let me know that she was remembering what she witnessed the last time Darryl was here.

As if reading my mind, she whispered to Linda, “I still need to see Beverly in that cute little pink dress. Do you need me to baby sit sometime soon?”

Oh, boy!


Marian said...

Bev -

Your wife should have had you in the dress.... (I believe, by now, that both sides of the family know that you wear dresses.) You'd probably have been more comfortable, if only because you'd be dressed to fit the role you play in your household.


Anonymous said...

wow... your families seeing/feeling your bra straps! Phew! :)