Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nothing Like a Nap To Bring Everything Into Focus

A week after my accident I had an appointment to return to my doctor so he could check how I was mending and healing. Linda took the day off work so that she could drive me to the appointment. I think she was feeling a little guilty for being away on her business trip when I was injured. I was finally cutting back on the pain pills so I was starting to think more clearly, not always feeling like I was in a fog.

diaper sissy4Linda was still insisting that I wear a diaper and “changing me” two  to three times a day. That meant that I was often sitting around in a wet and cold diaper for hours on end. I complained to her about it but she rebuffed me saying the alternative was to not be wearing anything on my lower half so I could use the toilet without assistance. I realized how difficult that would be, at least until I regained some usage of at least one of my arms, so I reluctantly went along with her diapering plan.diaper2

“Since we are unable to do anything else sexually right now, being diapered will remind you of what a sissy little girl you are, as helpless  as a baby,” she prodded me as she dressed me for my doctor’s visit.

I was glad that I was not required to undress in the exam room as the doctor was only interested in my arms. He was concerned with the color of my left arm and asked me how I was feeling. When I said little in reply, Linda jumped in to respond.

“He’s been sleeping most of the time due to the medication so he’s lying in bed most of the day. He tells me that he is a lot of pain most of the time and doesn’t want to get out of bed, even to use the bathroom. So I have had to start using diapers so he doesn’t need to get up.”

I was shocked to hear the doctor reply that diapering me sounded like a good idea. Linda beamed while helping slip my coat on.

“Do you need changing before we go?” Linda asked as the doctor broke into a wide smile. “I’m sure the doctor would let us use the room long enough to put a fresh diaper on you.”

Red faced, I indicated that I was fine and we left the office. I was quiet on the drive home, not wanting to refer to the incident that had just taken place. When we arrive home Linda helped me take off daiper13 my clothes, and then had me lay on the bed as she placed a fresh diaper on me. She dressed me in a yellow baby doll nightie, put some lipstick on me and sprayed me with some perfume.

“What is that for?” I asked.

“Your face looked a little pale and the perfume will help cover up any odors that might drift out of your diaper.”

She helped me get settled on the sofa, brought me a pain pill, and then left me to drift off for an afternoon nap. I awoke later to what in my groggy state I thought was a door bell ringing, then tried to focus on the sounds of a man and woman voices. I slowly opened my eyes as I became aware that the voices were now in the same room as me. I looked up from the sofa to see Linda standing besides Mike.

“Honey, you remember Mike don’t you, my co-worker who I went with on my trip last week? I know you met him at the airport but may not have remembered him dropping me off when we returned as you were pretty out of it then.” As Linda was smiling down at me I realized that she was holding his hand, having just led him into the room, and they were both wearing identical smirks on their faces.

“Hi again,” Mike said. “Don’t get up. You look quite comfortable there.”

It was then that I realized how I was dressed and that it had been  the second time Mike had seen me dressed in a short, feminine, babydoll gown… only this time it was even worse! While I had been napping, Linda had covered me with a short diaper sissy2pink baby blanket that was covered in a baby print design. It was only covering my chest and arms, leaving me exposed from the waist down. That meant that my diaper and plastic diaper cover were on full display! And to make matters worse, if that was possible, during my nap Linda had placed a pacifier in my mouth and I had been sucking on it without realizing it. No wonder Mike had been smirking at me. I was laying there looking like an adult baby in full bloom. I quickly spit the pacifier out but it was too late, the damage had already been done. First time Mike had met Linda’s husband I had been fully dressed as Beverly. And the next two times he had seen me in baby apparel. In his mind I was truly Linda’s sissy husband and there was nothing I could say at that moment that would change his mind.

“I just stopped by to drop some papers off that Linda needs to look at tonight,” he stated. “You just go ahead and finish your nap, Honey. I won’t keep her long.”

Honey? Did he just call me Honey? Before I could reply, Mike pulled Linda closer by her hand and softly said, “Why don’t we go into the other room and let her sleep?”

Linda smiled warmly at me and allowed herself to be directed out of the living room by Mike, who had released her hand and now had his arm around her waist in a very possessive manner.

At least she hadn’t placed the pacifier back into my mouth. And when did she buy it and the blanket. Were there more surprises to come?


Sissy Shannon said...

Welcome back, been missing you!

Anonymous said...

Omg, the doctor's visit and Her telling the doc about your diapering made me hard!!
I'm feeling for you how you awoke, with Mike seeing you in your plastic pants, that blanket... and the sneakily-placed binky! Ouch! Good luck...

Anonymous said...

You should be feeling like ou're in heaven.

liz.romney said...

Only a week after your accident! I can't wait to hear what happened the rest of the year!


ritemate said...

Glad to find you’re back in the blogosphere!
You haven’t lost your magic touch either, so there’s absolutely no risk of your boring the audience.
You still are quite the teaser, always leaving us wanting to know what’ll happen next. We all think we know what Linda and Mike holding hand means, but are we right? Can’t wait to find out!
Thank you so much for sharing.