Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting Back To Normal?

I don’t want to give the wrong impression here. I am not into diaper5adult baby play in any way. I agreed to use the diapers because  it just made sense under the circumstances. But I am sure that Mike drew a different conclusion after seeing me dressed as I was.

I stayed on the couch while Linda and Mike worked and talked at the dining room table. I could hear them out there talking softly but I soon fell back to sleep. When I awoke two hours had passed and Mike was gone so I don’t know what else took place. When I asked Linda if anything was going on between them she insisted that it was all business, that nothing LOvey more than mild flirting and harmless touches had happened.

“Well,” she conceited, “he did kiss me when he left, but that was his way of being friendly. You have nothing to worry about.” And with that the subject was dropped, at least for the time being.

“What’s with this baby get-up?” I asked, looking at the pink gown and diaper cover that enveloped me.

“That’s just practical apparel for someone in your condition,” Linda responded. “Besides, it’s cute. It’s not like everyone’s going to see you.”

“What about Mike? He saw me. Twice!” I argued. “I can’t imagine what he must think of me.”

“Oh, don’t go worrying about what Mike thinks. I’m sure he has more important things on his mind. Besides, he said you looked darling napping there.” I didn’t mention him calling me ‘Honey’ and wondering what that was all about.

“And what’s with that pacifier?” I inquired.

“I just thought it looked cute too. It just helped complete the picture. Right now you are as helpless as a baby so it’s fitting to enjoy the whole experience,” Linda explained.

Over the next several months I healed, went in and out of depressive states, and felt totally helpless most of the time. Now when I look back I realized all of the things my family was doing diaper sissy3to support me. I just wasn’t appreciative of it at the time. Linda, Mom, and my sister were doing all they could to help me recover. I was soon able to use my arms somewhat limitedly which allowed the diapers to go away, and with that the whole baby thing. I think I was the only one happy with that.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your update, Bev.

It must have been quite a humiliation to be seen in this state by Mike. But he seems to accept it without a problem.

i am looking forward to your next entry.


ahumanishere said...

The woman sitting on the stool in cloth diapers, plastic panties, and sucking on a pacifier is so sexy....thank-you

ritemate said...

Why do I get the impression that Mike will occur rather frequently on your blog? Is it because Linda was holding his hand, or because he called you “honey”? I’m really looking forward to further developments, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that doing business with Mike is a pleasure to Linda.
Are you quite sure the diapers are gone for good? They can be such a powerful tool when persuasion is needed – not very easy to speak up for your rights when you’re diapered, is it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that first pic is hawt! I wonder if Mike saw you that way. I'm sure He must be feeling "lucky" right now, for the path ahead.
Hope you're up and getting around soon!! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Bev- Just was thinking of you, and hoping to hear what's been happening. Hope you're well...and having fun!!