Friday, January 7, 2011

Once Upon A Time…

As promised, I am back trying to revive this blog. I must have sat down at the computer twenty to thirty times over the last several months with the intent of writing something. But the words just wouldn’t come and I found myself putting off writing, hoping maid surprised for a better day to come soon. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t find the inspiration or desire to get back into writing mode. Anyone who writes a blog on a regular basis knows that inspiration and desire must be there or the writing is pure hell. That’s what I have been going through. I felt like I needed to write, that I owed it to you to put something down on paper/screen. But I just lacked the desire. Finally Linda convinced me that I just had to start by writing something, that by doing so I would slowly regain the desire to write again. So that is what I am attempting today.

It would be nearly impossible for me to reconstruct everything book smarts that has happened since my accident, plus it would boarder on pure torture to the reader to waddle through most of it. Instead, I am going to try to recapture the important, essential, and, hopefully, interesting parts of the past. It is also my hope that there will be new adventures to share as well as Linda and I attempt to resurrect our life and wife-led lifestyle. I think I know what you like and why you visit my blog, so I will concentrate on those aspects for awhile.

With that in mind, let’s go back to shortly after my accident and the start of my recovery. If you read (or re-read) those last few entries, you will remember that after I came home from the hospital I was on some pretty heavy pain meds to help me through the discomfort I was feeling. Discomfort??? Who am I kidding. I was hurting bad! I loved those pills!!

And here was my problem. Besides being in pain, I was unable to use either of my arms and hands since the right was badly broken and in a cast and the left was severely sprained and heavily bandaged. This meant I was totally helpless to do most things for myself… eating, dressing, and most embarrassing… going to the bathroom.

Linda was gone on a business trip so my sister, Pam, and mother were taking care of me. Pam was doing most of the care the day I came home from the hospital. It was a good thing that bathroom timeI was mostly out of it due to the drugs because it was really tough for me to have to allow my sister to have to help me go to the bathroom. I couldn’t even reach down to tuck myself into my  underwear so she had to handle my boy parts every time I had to go. She made jokes about it hoping to relieve some of my embarrassment, but it was still difficult for me to endure. She decided that it would be easier if I wore a skirt so I wouldn’t have to have her or Mom pull down my pants. They could just reach up under my skirt and pull my panties down and not see my boy parts. So I wore skirts and sleeveless tops during most of that time.

When Linda was due back from her trip, Pam dressed me in a pretty pink nightie, helped me shave, and put make-up on me so I would look nice when Linda got home. That was how I was dressed when Linda came into the bedroom, followed by Mike. You may need to go back and read my blog from June 15 (A Few Steps Forward) to remind yourself about this part of my past. Fortunately, I was too drugged up on pain pills to think too much about being seen by Linda’s co-worker dressed that way. Later I would learn that there would be repercussions from it.

There was one change that took place after Linda got home. For the next few days while she was at work Pam and Mom took turns coming over to our house to check on me and fix my lunch. But when the weekend came Linda took over those duties and told them that they wouldn’t need to come over as often after that because Linda would make sure that I was alright during the day. Neither question Linda, and looking back, I think a discussion must have taken place that I wasn’t privy to.

Saturday, while Linda was helping me ‘clean up’ after a bathroom break, she informed me that she couldn’t be bothered every time I need to go to the bathroom. So she had come up with a solution… she was going to have me wear diapers until I was finally able to take care of myself again! She pulled my  panties off and marched me into our bedroom where she proceeded to have me lay on the bed. She slid a diaper under me then followed it with a pink plastic diaper cover. The plastic pant had little bows and ribbons along with little girls dancing all over it. I had no idea where she got such a thing but later she told me that she had ordered the diapers and plastic pants off of ebay right after Pam had called her to tell her about my accident. She told me that the diaper would allow me to go all day without having to go to the bathroom ‘the conventional way’. So for the next several weeks I was constantly in diaperssissyboy1 and was changed after I had used them. Even Mom and Pam changed me when they came over. I think that was more embarrassing then when they were tucking me back into my panties earlier.

Most of this time I was dressed in babydoll nighties so I looked real sissy. Of course that lead to another unforgettable moment thanks to Linda. I will share that next time.


aynalia said...

Wow, that sounds like you went through quite the change. Glad to see you're back to writing though. Hope the holidays treated you good.

Anonymous said...

i would give anything to be diapered everyday.

gary said...

So happy to see you're posting again. I'm sure there are many fans like me who hope you'll continue to share!

ahumanishere said...

Your Blog is wonderful and it's great that your writing again. I hope you feel better and stronger each day, your injuries sound just awful. Please take care of yourself. It will get better.


Anonymous said...

What a road you've been down. I rather liked the dress/panty route.

But I have to admit, She makes a good point with the diapering and plastic pants -- how convenient for Her! -- and they certainly sound like pretty ones... enjoy! :)

F said...

It's great to have you back. I was really concerned. Don't feel obligated to just "satisfy" our needs to hear about your girly issues. Feel free to share all your thoughts. It's great to hear about your real life challenges. It makes us feel closer to you and realize you're a real person.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are writing again. I was wondering how you would cope after your accident with cleaning etc.
What a humiliation to be cleaned and diapered by your Mom and sister. I understand you found it difficult to revive that by writing. I admire you for doing it anyway.

liz.romney said...

Oh Beverly! No need to fear, you have not lost your ability to write a wonderful blog.


Susan's Pet said...

I was sort of with you to the point where you introduced the "diaper" part. I think that either you are making it up, or you are way past my limits. What sane and capable person would do that?