Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I will be back to the conclusion of weekend saga shortly, but first an interlude that took place yesterday.
Linda and I were talking last night about lingerie… specifically girdles. We both like most forms of lingerie and utilize different kinds to spice up our looks. I know the men in our lives appreciate it.
So last night we were discussing girdles as I was putting one on. She mentioned that I didn’t put a panty on underneath the girdle. I replied that I only wear a panty under a girdle when it’s an open bottom girdle. She stated that she remembered her mother telling her that a lady always wears a panty under her girdle for sanitary reasons. I thought that maybe that was the case back in the old days like when her mother was wearing one but didn’t see a reason for it today feeling that the materials were better today than back then.
So, dear readers, what do you think? Who do you agree with? Should a girdle be worn with or without panties, or does it depend on the type of girdle or the situation. Let’s face it, it is hard enough to slip off a girdle and look sexy doing so. So is a panty going to add or subtract from the show?
Here are some photos of lovely girdles, many sexy and many functional. If you haven’t worn a girdle I recommend trying one. They feel so good! Of course I say the same thing about bras.


Christine B said...

Oh gosh, did your post and the pictures ever bring back memories for me! That third one is what my mother had. Of course I managed to find them, too. ;)



chasity said...

its so great to see your posting more regularly

sissy terri said...

Hi Bev,

i love girdles and don't wear them often enough. i'd feel a little "underdressed" with no panty while wearing an open-bottom girdle. However, i feel that the other types of girdles that i own don't require a panty on underneath them. But...if i was told to wear a panty, then i would!


sissy terri

Terry said...

Using a panty underneath is good for hygenic reasons.