Monday, January 28, 2008

My first blog

I hope someone is reading this. I have been reading other blogs about female lead relationships and am working to establish that with my wife. I work out of the house so it is easy for me to be the househusband.

I started three years ago by taking over all of the chores. Actually, I started about 6 years ago by giving my wife a gift of 'housekeeping'. Once a month I would take a day off work to stay home and do a very thorough cleaning. She loved the way the house looked when she came home so it became a monthly endeavor. All I asked of her was that during those days I would be treated as the maid. I would dress in a maid’s uniform; complete with high heels, make-up, and wig; and clean the house. She would inspect my appearance before she left for work and would inspect the house when she returned. She had a checklist of requirements and expectations and would check them off while touring the house. Then she would show me the inspection report and comment on my work. That was all I asked from her in return for my cleaning duty.

Maybe I should explain a little more here. I've been crossdressing for over 20 years and enjoy getting dressed up whenever I can. My feminine side has evolved into a fun and exciting person who dresses very well, though usually on the conservative side... I like to call it the business woman career casual: tailored suits with skirts, that kind of thing. Don't get me wrong, I also love the short leather skirt with garter belt, hose, matching bra and panty, and sexy pumps and those come out later in the evenings. But for the dining out or shopping outing my look is more geared to blending in than standing out. I've been complimented by ladies often while out. I take care in dress, hair, and make-up so if I don't pass then at least it shows that a lot of effort went in to it.

So now back to three years ago. I took over all of the chores. I have supper on the table when she gets home from work every night. The house is always looking nice. The laundry is always done. She is able to come home and relax. She has not taken over a dominate role, nor does she order me around. If there was one thing in our relationship I could change, it would be that. But this is a marriage of compromise. She allows me to be feminine and I am allowed to dress up as much as I want.

So that is my story. I am looking forward to adding to it on this blog. And I am looking forward to hearing from you and sharing experiences. Please let me know you are out there.



fd said...

Bev ---
Welcome to the blogging world! i was very interested to read about your housework. Perhaps you could post some tips that you have learned over the years. Do you shave like a Womyn as well?

Iowabev said...

Hi Fd,
Thanks for writing. I will go into depth of my feminization in my next blog. Thanks for the suggestion on the housework as well.
Please keep in touch.

helpmate hubby said...

Like your blog, if you want an invite to mine send me an email at

s said...

Glad to discover your new blog, Bev. I'll look forward to following along.