Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dinner is served!

Thanks to everyone who has been viewing my blog and who has linked me to their site. I really appreciate the support.

I told my wife about my blog page last night and she thought it was kind of funny that so many men would read and write about taking care of their wives. She said “you would think that they had better things to do, like ironing!” She asked why I was writing in it and I explained that it gave me an outlet to talk about my feelings and experiences in a safe environment. She asked if I wanted to let people know about my submissiveness as a househusband/maid and my feminine side. I replied that I didn’t want friends or family to know, but I liked having others to talk to. She floored me when she told me that she had been discussing this with a friend from work and that the friend, Anna, thought it was fantastic that Linda had a private maid.

I asked Linda if she had told Anna about Beverly, my feminine alter ego and she replied that she had confided in Anna. So now someone else knows about me and I am sure that it is just a matter of time before others will. It almost came out when recently an old buddy of mine visited us.

Darryl is someone I have known for years through work and golf. He lives in Florida and comes back to Iowa for work connections a few times a year. We try to get together whenever possible on those travels. A few months ago while he was here we invited him to dine with us. Since I am the chief cook, I prepared all of the dinner and served it to the table while Darryl and Linda enjoyed sitting back and talking as they watched me work. It sounds all very innocent and plain. However, Linda was in a teasing mood that night. As I was cooking a sweet potato casserole she came into the kitchen and whispered “where is your apron? You don’t want to get your nice clothes soiled.” She proceeded to walk over to the cabinet and pulled out a long and frilly apron, then handed it to me, telling me to put it on. I looked at her with pleading eyes but could tell that she was serious. I put it on and returned to my cooking. I was wearing it when I brought the food to the table and Darryl saw it for the first time. He told me how cute it was and what a good little wife I had become. I thought about taking it off to eat but one look from Linda told me I had better not touch it. So I sat down to eat still wearing the apron.

The meal was delicious and Darryl commented on it several times, adding “you really do make a great housewife. Linda is so lucky.” Linda just smiled and added “you don’t know the half of it.” I blushed deeply, fearing that she was going to tell Darryl about Bev. Fortunately, they changed subject and retired to the living room while I cleaned up.

After Darryl left Linda asked me if I had enjoyed the teasing and I admitted, though scared, I had enjoyed the thrill as well. She said that maybe next time it should be Beverly serving the two of them. Secretly, I would love it!


little shaun said...

Sounds like a great time! i like the almost cuckold-like angle that your Wife took that night.

i always feel humbled when my Wife flirts with other guys in front of me, but it's such a thrill. Not that it's the same thing with Linda, but it is close.

Iowabev said...

Thanks for writing little shaun. I must agree that the cuckold play was on my mind during the dinner while I was serving. Darryl and Linda have always gotten along great and there has often some mild flirting going back and forth with them.
Darryl and I use to be pretty much equals, is careers and sports. He is physically bigger than me as he is 6'4" and well built. But he definately saw me in a different light that night when I came out in the apron. There is no way he would ever do something like that. And Linda let me know it, too.