Friday, April 25, 2008

Darryl Comes Clean

I just received a phone call from Darryl. He wanted to talk to me about our dinner last weekend. He wanted to let me know that he and Linda had planned the night to tease me. He said that he didn’t tell her how he was going to come on to her, just that he was going to flirt with her in front of me to see my reaction. He said that he was surprised when Linda returned his kiss so passionately, and that had encouraged him to continue in that vain the rest of the evening.

Linda had talked to him earlier and told him about my crossdressing and described my role as the housewife in this marriage. Darryl was intrigued by this and wanted to have some fun with it and me. So he and Linda plotted and planned my evening.

It was while I was cleaning off the table and they were sitting in the living room drinking coffee that he proposed taking her out for dessert and leaving me home. She thought that was a great idea and couldn’t wait to see my reaction. Darryl said that they hadn’t planned on staying out so late as he had an early morning obligation, but that they were enjoying their conversation and time just slipped away.

He wrapped up the conversation by saying that he hoped I wasn’t upset, that it had all been done in fun, and that he hoped it hadn’t affected our friendship. When I said that I had been embarrassed to have him see me dressed the way I was and having to ‘serve’ them, he just laughed and said that I had looked cute. He said that he hoped that next time maybe I could dress completely in my feminine role so he could get the full picture.

I told him that since most of the embarrassment was now in the past that I could probably dress up in front of him. And he ended the conversation by saying “next time maybe Linda and I won’t leave you behind when we go out.”

And the hits just keep on coming.


Phred said...

Thanks for the great updates. I hope Linda lets you can dress up to the max the next time you met up with Darryl.

What has Linda said that the dinner?

Michael said...

Wow, you're right - the hits do keep on coming! It was nice of Darryl to call. And I think Linda liked being the target of his affection - remember, your dressing may scare her a little bit - some of the "am I making my husband do this, and "am I still attractive to "macho" men" fears she still has to deal with. She is having to adapt just like you are!
Does Linda read this blog? (and like phred - what has she said?)

Iowabev said...

Thanks phred and michael for the comments. To answer your questions, Linda does not read my blog, though at times I wish she would. But most of the time I am glad she doesn't, otherwise she would know my intimate thoughts too well.
She enjoyed the dinner, especially the flirting with Darryl and going out with him while I stayed behind. She said that they just talked, mostly about me, and had a lot of laughs. She said that Darryl told her that he would like to see me dressed as Beverly so she may make that happen on his next visit.
From her comments and actions, I am glad that Darryl doesn't live closer or come visit too often. It could be dangerous.

little shaun said...

It looks like Linda and Daryl have a real attraction for each other. That could be either good or bad depending on how you'd like this to play out. But i see some cuckoldry in your future. i'm envious!