Monday, April 21, 2008

Catch Up Time, Part 1

What a weekend! So much to tell, so I will get started. I had been informed by Linda that she had made dinner plans for us Saturday night with Darryl. What I was unsure of was what all that entailed.

I spent five hours on Friday cleaning house in preparation to Darryl’s visit. My original plan was to concentrate on the main parts of the house where we would be; kitchen, dining room, living room, bathrooms. However, for some unknown reason I also spent time cleaning the master bedroom and guest bedroom. I guess I thought that perhaps we would be giving Darryl a tour of the house since he hadn’t been here in awhile.

There were several signs that should have told me that this weekend was going to be one of much exposure of my feminine and submissive side. I had dressed for my cleaning in one of my black cleaning maid uniforms, complete with black pumps, full make up and hairstyling. When I want to really look my best I will wear one of my wigs to complete the look. But when cleaning I don’t like to wear a wig because it is too hot and gets dirty fast.

I was just getting starting washing the outside of sliding doors on our patio when around the corner of the house came the electric company meter reader. There was no place for me to go or hide so I just smiled and said hi. The meter is on the side of the house just 5 feet from the doors I was washing, so I was in full view to him. He just smiled, took his reading, and said ‘have a good day’ as he walked by me. Well, that wasn’t so bad, a little embarrassing, but survivable. I knew that would give him something to tell his buddies back at work.

When I finished the kitchen and dining room I decided to take a break and get the mail. Well, my timing was off again as just as I opened the door to reach into the mailbox there stood the mailman putting the mail into the box. He looked at me and got a kind of surprised and unsure look on his face (that I am sure matched mine). He took the mail out of the box and offered to hand it to me. So I had to open the door and take the mail from him, the second face to face confrontation of the morning.

Just before noon Linda came in the door. She never comes home during the daytime so this really caught me by surprised. I had forgotten that she had a doctor’s appointment at eleven and had decided to stop home for lunch before going back to work.

She laughed when I told her about my two encounters. She was just about ready to head back out when the doorbell rang. I can’t remember when the last time was that we had someone come to the house during the daytime so I was really surprised by this. I was glad Linda was home so she could answer it. However, she decided that since I had already had two face to face exposures that one more wouldn’t hurt, so she sent me to answer the door. There stood a young man in a Swann’s uniform. I smiled and opened the door and listened as he explained that he was taking over the route for this area and was trying to expand the client list to new customers. He handed me a catalog, told me what days he would be in the area, and said to call if I wanted to order anything. Away he went without batting an eye, as if seeing a man dressed as a maid was the most natural thing in the world. I could hear Linda laughing as I closed the door. She said that she might order something just so I could have him stopping by regularly to see me.

The rest of the cleaning and the afternoon went by without further incident… that is until Darryl called. He wanted to check with me as to what I would be fixing for dinner so he could pick out an appropriate wine. He was impressed with the menu I had selected and said that he was looking forward to seeing us. Just before hanging up he asked what I doing, and without giving it any thought I told him that I had been cleaning house. He said “Linda is lucky to have such a good wife” and hung up.

Oh, it was certainly going to be an interesting dinner.

Tomorrow: Part 2

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little shaun said...

Oh, bev, i can't take the teasing. i can't wait for tomorrow!