Thursday, April 17, 2008

The long awaited phone call.

I know, I know. I have been pretty lax about keeping my blog up. There just hasn’t been much to write about. However, that may be changing.

Tonight while I was gone to my 'every Thursday evening meeting' Darryl called and talked to Linda. I am pretty sure he knows that I am gone on Thursdays and planned his call for when I was not going to be home. I don’t know how long they talked or what they talked about but it sounds like the two of them have something planned.

When I got home tonight I could immediately tell that something had Linda excited. She asked me what my plans were for during the day Friday. Well, Friday just so happens to be my scheduled major house cleaning day so I told her that I will be spending most of it in my cleaning maid uniform while giving the house a major going over.

She responded with “Perfect, that way the house will look good when Darryl comes. Why don’t you also plan on cooking a good meal for us along with serving a nice bottle of wine?”

I am pretty sure that means that I will be serving the meal to the two of them. She hasn’t said how she expects me to be dressed, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I will be maid Beverly in front of Darryl. I know she has been planning on revealing my sissy feminine side to others and that probably means starting with Darryl, my long time buddy, to really put me in my place.

She and I really haven’t done much over the last two weeks with the FLR/WLM so I am betting that she is ready to let loose. I wish I could have been there to hear their phone conversation. I bet it was really something. I wonder how much plotting they did? Do I sound paranoid?

Stay tuned for more!

(By the way... that's not us in the picture, but it is so cute!)


Ms. Lily said...


I'm sure you will be a hit. I cannot wait to hear how dinner goes. Good Luck.

Phred said...

I hope the dinner last night went well. Could you fill us in on your Thursday night meeting?

little shaun said...

Yes, the picture is cute. Makes me think of Daryl's point of view as He walks into your house.

subrena said...

Oh my goodness !

Well i have been reading your blog with interest, and the picture is me !!! With Mistress Abby who i am still serving - over 6 years now

Take care Yours