Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Little Black Dress

Shopping is always fun, but shopping with a purpose, especially when I don’t know the reason behind it, was a truly erotic endeavor.

We went out this past weekend in search of a little black dress for Linda. She announced to me Saturday morning that she needed to buy a new LBD. However, she would not tell me why. We went to three stores before coming upon the right sexy little number. I kept trying to get details on what brought this on, knowing full well that she had at least three such dresses presently in her closet. All she would say is that they were not right for what she needed; that primarily being ‘something new’. I suspected that there had been some prompting going on, most likely from our friend Darryl.

With that in mind, I went from rack to rack pulling out dresses for her to consider. At first, the dresses I selected were fairly normal in style. They were all rejected with hardly a look. As my selections became sexier, her attention heightened. The first store had nothing to offer, the second one or two for her to try on; the third store was a goldmine. She must have tried on at least six dresses there.

It is really an erotic experience to watch your wife try on sexy dresses and know that there is no occasion in your schedule for her to wear it. Plus, she wasn’t even looking at the price tag, something that is totally out of character for her.

A big surprise came at the third store. While she was trying on the first couple of dresses, I was looking through the racks for other possibilities. Naturally, I also was looking at a few that just happened to be in my size. Linda came out of the dressing room in one dress as I was looking at a dress in my size. “Grab a couple of those and bring them into the changing room.”

It sounded like a wonderful opportunity, so I selected three off the rack, quickly looked around to be sure I wasn’t being observed, and headed into the changing area. The good thing about shopping for dressy dresses off-season on a Saturday morning is that there is no one else there to bother us. I was soon in the changing room stripping out of my guy clothes and pulling on a dress. As I looked over at Linda I got another surprise. She had just taken off a dress and was about to put on another. There she stood in ultra sexy undies: black strapless bra, matching bikini panties, and thigh-high stockings attached to a skimpy garter belt. It has been a long time since I have seen her wearing anything so sexy and a real surprise to see it on a Saturday morning. “I need to make sure that everything looks good together” she informed me. From that I knew that whenever she wore that black dress she would be well dressed from top to bottom.

She helped me with my zipper then stepped out to use the 3-way mirror in the hall. As she did she instructed me to step out as well so I could also view myself in the mirror. As I stepped up to the mirror, a sales clerk entered the dressing area. She was quite surprised to see me standing there in a dress, looked to see Linda in her dress, smiled and asked if we were finding everything alright, acting like it was the most natural thing in the world for a husband and wife to be trying on dresses together.

It took another half hour for Linda to finish trying on all of the dresses, going back to her favorite one last time, all of that time I was in one of the dresses I had selected. With her final selection made, she told me that I could buy the dress I had my eye on for myself. I certainly didn’t need the dress but wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity.

As we headed to the check-out I offered to carry both dresses as she paid for them. She held on to hers and said “we will pay for our own dresses this time.” So as we checked out there was no mistaking that each of us were getting new dresses. It was a different clerk who ran us up then the one who had come into the dressing area. So now two clerks knew about our shopping adventure. She asked if we were going to wear our dresses to the same event. Linda answered no, that she didn’t know when I would be wearing mine but she would be wearing hers soon. The clerk handed me my dress and said “I hope you get an opportunity to wear yours soon as well.” I am sure I was bright red the entire time we were checking out.

When we got home Linda changed out of her sexy lingerie, handed them to me, and instructed me to wash them by hand. I asked her how soon she needed them and she replied simply, “soon”.


little shaun said...

One can only think that She is about to go on a date. This must have you very excited.

Michael said...

Is there a mix of excitement and a litle concern in your post? That certain trepidation of just what might be around the corner. You are truly blessed to have a wife that "plays" with you. Is this just a game, or reality - is cuckholding what you want?