Thursday, August 7, 2008

More than a birthday surprise!

Linda’s birthday was Tuesday. For part of her present, I took her to a salon for manicure and pedicure. She will not spend money on herself for treats like this, so I knew it would be a gift she would enjoy. Since this was her gift, I decided that she should be the only one receiving the attention. This was tough for me because I love to spoil myself by indulging in spa treatments whenever I can. But I just sat there and talked to her as she was getting spoiled. (I was asked no less than three times if I wanted a mani/pedi myself, each time turning it down with a smile.)

Two other women sitting beside Linda in the pedicure chair commented on how sweet I was to give her such a thoughtful gift. I even selected the color of the polish for her! Then I followed this up with a relaxed dinner at our favorite restaurant. So for this birthday, I did good!

Last night Linda was talking on the phone to a girlfriend, someone she used to work with and tries to keep in touch with. Linda told Becky about my birthday gift. Then Becky must have asked Linda if I was still doing the housework and laundry because I heard Linda say “he is just the best wife I could ever hope to have. I assumed Becky said something along the lines of wondering where she could find a ‘wife’ because Linda laughed and replied ‘I would be happy to loan you mine.’ Next thing I knew they were talking about just that. Linda was explaining my cleaning routine and even how I often wore a maid’s uniform when cleaning, then again, Linda was offering Becky my services and they were talking about me going over this weekend to clean her house. She didn’t even ask me about it, just volunteered my services and made the arrangements.

When she got off the phone I started arguing with her about it, saying I couldn’t believe she would do that without talking to me first. Of course she pointed out that if she had asked that I would have said yes, which is true. She then said that if I put up a fuss that she would take me over her knee and spank my butt. She has never threatened me with physical punishment before so I asked where that came from. She shocked me by replying that Darryl had suggested that she take a firmer hand with me, and that if she couldn’t that he would be more than willing to take over that role. I couldn’t believe that they had talked about something like, or even when they would have done so. Perhaps there have been some phone conversations that I haven’t been privy to.

I have talked to Becky in over a year, and only seen her about a half dozen times. But it sounds like I will be serving her Saturday. I will let you know how it goes.

PS… we are still waiting to hear from Darryl. I can’t wait to cook for him again.


Michael said...

Thanks for the update - living vicariously thru you again!
How would you feel over your wife's knee? And what about over Darryl's? I think you and some serious exploration are about to come together! Good luck!

Ms. Lily said...

Hi Bev,
Wow, over the Wife's or Darryl's knee? Seems like is this one summer you will never forget.
Can not wait to hear what happens when Darryl comes to visit again. Good Luck darling!!

little shaun said...

i bet it's going to feel great to be of service to Becky, and She'll love it too.

i know you can't wait until Linda's boyfriend comes to visit again. i'm sure you'll serve Them well.