Friday, August 29, 2008

Linda Travels While I Dine

Monday, Linda was leaving for a business trip and would be gone for three days. She instructed me Monday morning to do the laundry because it included some of the clothing she wanted to take with her on the trip. So as I was ironing her blouses she called to inform me that she was running late because of meetings and details to finalize before she could depart for the trip, and that she would not have the time to come home and pack like she had planned. I was told that I would have to do her packing as well. I knew what outfits she wanted because I had just cleaned and ironed them, but she told me that I was to pack everything else as well. Here was the catch... she didn’t tell me what ‘everything else’ was, just that I was expected to pack everything she would need. She was leaving it up to me to plan, anticipate, and prepare her suitcase properly. Now that was a lot of pressure.
I had unpacked her bag many times upon her returns so I tried now to remember what I had seen. Toiletries wasn’t a problem because she kept a travel back always ready. I just had to make sure that nothing needed to be refilled or replaced. Since I knew what outfits she was taking I could figure out underwear requirements, jewelry, shoes, and accessories (this is when it is good to have a crossdressing husband who knows how to put an outfit together). The only trouble I was having was trying to figure out the ‘extras’ that she would need or enjoy on the trip. I remembered to pack a swimming suit in case she wanted to use the hotel hot tub. I knew she didn’t like to work out in their fitness center because you never know who might be lurking there. I packed her book, a few magazines, and as a last thought, threw in her vibrator!
When she got home mid-afternoon, she verbally ran through a list of what should be packed and I had anticipated everything perfectly. She was very pleased with my efforts. As a reward, she said, she wanted me to stay dressed in feminine clothing the entire time she was gone. “I want to know that my wife is home taking care of the house and waiting for my return,” she exclaimed. I hadn’t had a chance to be fully immersed in my crossdressing for 3 days for a long time and was very happy with her instructions.
We went into the bedroom to change; her into comfortable traveling clothes, and me into a sun-dress. She insisted that I wear full make-up and wig as well during that time. “I want to picture you totally as Beverly while I am gone.” So we sat side-by-side at the vanity and applied our make-up. Before leaving she reminded me that I was suppose to stay in femme mode the entire time, no exceptions. My pleasure quickly turned to concern as I wonder what she might have planned for me during her absence. I carried her bag to the car and gave her a kiss and stood watching as she backed out of the garage and drove off. There I was, all dressed up and no place to go... or so I thought.

I returned to the house and started to think about what I wanted to cook for supper. It was only four, but I knew I would be hungry before long as I had not taken time to eat much for lunch because I was doing her packing. I was looking through the cupboards when the phone rang. A glance at the caller ID informed me that it was Julie, Linda’s sister.
“Hi there. I was just talking to Linda as she was heading out of town and she informed me that you were alone for supper tonight. How about coming over here and joining John and me? He is going to grill some steaks and I will throw some other things together, nothing fancy,” Julie informed me. I was pretty sure that Linda had called her with the idea of inviting me over. That is why Linda had said that I was to stay dressed as Beverly, no matter what. I tried to tell Julie that I was just going to fix a light supper but she insisted that I come over. “Linda said you might balk at the idea and that I was insist that you join us. And don’t worry, I know how you are dressed. I will talk to John so that he doesn’t do anything to embarrass you.”
Julie had seen me dressed as Beverly on a few occasions, once being when she had walked in on me while I was cleaning and saw me wearing a maid’s dress. But John had only seen me in male mode but had witnessed me wearing high heels, hose, and a frilly apron that looked like a dress from the front. However, I wasn’t wearing make-up or a wig then. So now he was going to see everything. Reluctantly, I agreed to join them and asked what time and if I should bring anything.
“Could you bring some whipping cream? I am making a dessert and need it for topping.” Since I do all of the cooking I know what is in our refrigerator, and I knew that I didn’t have any whipping cream. I told Julie that we didn’t have any, to which she replied “be a dear and pick some up on your way over. See you at six.” She hung up before I could reply. So now I not only had to endure the looks and snickers from John, but I had to also stop at a grocery store and buy whipping cream as well.
I checked the mirror in the car before getting out and going into the store. I had picked a grocery store that was not a large chain store, and that was away from our neighborhood and friends. I hoped that I didn’t run into anyone I knew there. I headed quickly to the dairy case, made my selection and straight to the check out. Being a small privately owned store, there were only two checkout lanes open, each with four people in line. So I knew I would have to wait and endure what came. I am happy to report that I got through it with flying colors. The other shoppers pretty much ignored me, a small child in a cart smiled at me, the checkout woman was friendly, and I got back to my car without be tarred and feathered.
John opened the door for me when I got to their house, smile stiffly, forced a semi-friendly hello out of his mouth, and let me in. Julie gave me a hug and commented on my appearance as John stood behind me. I wondered if he was staring at my butt or my legs. Julie told John to get the steaks started as we were going to be busy in the kitchen. The experience was pretty nice. I helped set the table and fixed the salad. John came in once to ask how I wanted my steak cooked. We sat down to dinner and talked about family things, politics, and Linda’s trip... all the while John was civil and didn’t stare (much). It was a pleasant dinner followed by coffee and dessert in front of the TV. At ten I announced that I had best be going and was sent off with a hug by Julie and a ‘bye Beverly’ from John.
I reflected on the drive home how amazingly ‘normal’ the whole experience had been. I also wondered what the next couple of days would bring.


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I am glad you are enjoying my blog. There will be several updates coming over the next few days so be sure to check back.