Sunday, August 31, 2008

Linda Travels While I Dine, Day 2 Nighttime

Tuesday night (day two) I was relaxing in front of the TV wearing a flowing peignoir gown and robe when the phone rang. I was expecting Linda to be calling and checking in on my day’s activities with her mom and sister, but was surprised to see on the caller ID that it was my friend Darryl. I hadn’t heard from him in over a month, not since the time he was invited to stay at our house (Linda’s idea) but had to return back to Florida. He had promised that he would make good on our offer next time he traveled this way.

During our last time together, which had been a few months ago now, he had surprised us with the information that he had heard I was into crossdressing. At the time it had caught us off-guard and Linda wasn’t sure how to respond to him, so it was dropped. During further phone conversations I had admitted that it was true and he seemed alright with it and it wasn’t going to negatively effect our friendship. I also was aware that he and Linda had had some private phone conversations and that the topic had been discussed. On our last time together things had taken an unusual turn when after dinner, Darryl and Linda left to go for drinks as I submissively stayed behind cleaning up the dishes, while wearing a frilly apron. The two of them returned from their little outing holding hands and sharing kisses while I watched silently in shock. Later, Darryl informed me that it had all been Linda’s idea to shock me and play with my mind. It had worked!

On the phone Darryl greeted with warming, brought me up to date on what had been happening with him, his work, his travels, and the latest hurricanes to hit Florida. He was hoping to return to our state, maybe as early as the weekend if he could get out in between hurricane warnings. He asked if our offer still stood for him to be our guest for a night so he could save on at least one night of hotel lodging. It had been Linda’s idea to offer the use of our guest room, and I was sure that nothing had changed, so I again told him that he was always welcome in our house. He was happy to hear that and told me not to go to any special trouble to accommodate him. I blushed as he reminded me that he knew that I was the one who cleaned and took care of the housework. “Are you still being a good wife for Linda?” he asked. Blushing even deeper, I replied that I tried my best to be. He then asked me if I still dressed the part, to which I quietly replied yes. He asked if I was dressed femininely right now and when I said I was he asked me to describe what I was wearing. Probing further, he asked if I had been doing anything exciting while dressed, and for some unknown reason I found myself telling him about my day out with the ladies. He asked what Linda had said about that and I told him that I hadn’t talked to her yet as she was out of town on business for three day.

His tone quickly changed at the mention of Linda being gone and asked where she was. When I told him that she was in Chicago, he abruptly cut the conversation short by saying he would call me when his plans were finalized and that he looked forward to seeing me as Beverly soon. And with that he was gone.

I was pretty sure that he would be dialing Linda’s cell phone number before I had put the receiver down. And sure enough, when I tried calling her seconds later, her phone went to voicemail, therefore letting me know she was on a call. And I knew who with!


little shaun said...

Being powerless to interrupt Daryl's phone conversation with your wife must be such a rush. And an instant erection!

M said...

Have you found out what (or who?) they were talking about!