Monday, August 18, 2008

Maid Service

In my last blog entry I talked about how Linda had offered my cleaning services to an old friend of hers, Becky. I hardly knew Becky as she was someone Linda used to work with but now only sees every few months. She lives about an hour away from us in another town.

Anyway, Linda had been talking to Becky on the phone and started talking about how I had taken over all of the domestic chores and had willingly become Linda’s wife. Becky was really interested in hearing about this so Linda told her about how good I was at cleaning, cooking, and doing the laundry. Becky loved hearing this and asked Linda where she could find a ‘wife’ like me. The next thing I know, Linda is offering my services to Becky for a day, saying she would be happy to send me over on the weekend so I could clean for Becky. They had made arrangements for me to go over there a week ago. But that Friday night Linda got a call from Becky saying she had to work on Saturday so that wouldn’t work. Linda, being the ever helpful friend that she is, offered to send me over this last weekend instead and Becky happily accepted.

Ever since Linda had gotten off the phone with Becky the previous week I had been trying to talk her out of this. But I couldn’t change Linda’s mind, even though I tried to make her understand that this was suppose to be something between just the two of us. Linda countered with the explanation that she was proud of her wife and my skills and wanted her friends to see how lucky she was. Try as I might, I was unable to dissuade Linda and found myself heading out Saturday morning for Becky’s.

Linda insisted that I wear one of my maid uniforms (at least it wasn’t the sexy French maid one). So wearing my black uniform, make-up, and wig, I arrived at Becky’s house at precisely nine o’clock. Becky opened the door, did a surprised take of my appearance, and let me in with a warm hug. She showed me around the house and told me what rooms she wanted me to concentrate on. I could tell that she was as nervous as I was and wasn’t really sure how she was suppose to act. So, after the tour, we sat down at the table to discuss that as well as how I would proceed. I told her that I have never cleaned a strange house before, but that I would work on it as if it was my own. Becky smiled and stated that she knew that I did a great job for Linda because I was her wife, but that in this case it was more like I was her hired maid (even though she wasn’t paying me). So she said that, if it was ok with me, she would treat me just like she would any maid. I wasn’t sure what that really meant but decided to accept that premise.

With that, Becky pushed my coffee cup away from me and said that my break was over and that it was time to get started. She wanted me to start with the bedroom, then proceed to the bathrooms, living room, and end with the dining room and kitchen. I told her that it would take me about five hours since I had never done them before and she replied that sounded about right and that I could take a short break every hour. I cleared away my coffee cup, grabbed my cleaning supply tote, and started my cleaning.

It went well, and I even became comfortable with Becky coming around to ‘inspect’ my work when I finished a room. She was very happy with my efforts and complimented me often. A couple of times she made some suggestions (almost demands really) about how she wanted something done. But, for the most part I was allowed to work my way at my pace.

The only awkward time came around lunchtime when Becky came into the living room to tell me it was time for a break for food. She had prepared some sandwiches for us as well as iced tea. I was about to say something along the lines that I could have fixed that when she told me to get the tray of food and drinks from the kitchen and bring them out to the patio. I was to serve lunch to her! At least I was allowed to sit and eat with her. She commented that normally she wouldn’t allow the maid to sit and eat with her, but she wanted the opportunity to talk to me about Linda and my arrangement. She asked many questions about how we got started, why did I dress up in women’s clothing and how often I did it, who knew about us, what our friends and family thought about it, and what did we each get out of this. Lunch lasted for almost an hour because of this discussion, so I was really behind schedule. Becky finally tired of the Q&A and allowed me to clear the dishes and return to work.

Finally done, Becky thanked me with a hug and kiss on the cheek, saying she hoped that she wasn’t too hard on me and would love to have me come again. I wasn’t sure how to respond so I just said that she would have to talk to Linda about that. As I headed out the door, nearly seven hours after I had arrived, Becky left me with the statement, “if you ever want to hire out as a maid, I know several people who would love your services, and I would be happy to recommend you.”

I hope Linda doesn’t catch wind of that. It wasn’t too bad of a day, and Becky was nice about it and easy to talk to… but I don’t want to make it a habit!


little shaun said...

congratulations, another milestone (and another post that got me hard as a rock)

M said...

Couldn't agree more with shaun - bravo!