Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Conversation

Finally, I was about to find out about the phone conversation Linda had with Darryl when he called her at her hotel. She had returned from her trip very tired and didn’t want to take the time to tell me that night what had been said. So, being the good little submissive husband that I am, I waited.

Well, finally, Friday she called from work saying that she wanted to go out to eat at our favorite little restaurant and for me to meet her there around six. I got there early and was waiting at the table when she arrived. I am not sure why she wanted to eat out since she hadn’t had a home cooked meal all week and had been eating out every night. Deep down I think that she wanted us to be in a neutral place so I couldn’t overreact to anything she had to tell me. At least that is the conclusion I drew during my wait.

She was very happy when she sat down and seemed to be in good spirits. We enjoyed a glass of wine as she talked about work that day and the conference she had attended.

Then she sat her glass down, got a creepy smile on her face, looked me dead in the eyes and said “but I know what you really want to hear about is what Darryl and I talked about. So I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, though it has been fun making you wait.” She took another slow sip of wine before beginning.

“Darryl called me right after he hung up on you, and thanks for telling him that I was away from home and sitting all alone in my room. We talked briefly about the conference and the hurricanes he’s been dodging. And then he asked ‘may I ask you about your husband and his crossdressing?’ I answered ‘yes’, and he started asking questions, probing into your tendencies: how often you dressed, what did you do when dressed, how did I feel about it, have any of our friends or family found out about it, and did you ever leave the house dressed as a woman. We talked for almost two hours and I talked freely and candidly with him. He is really a good listener and asks very probing questions. I told him about our families discovering Beverly and how that is progressing. I told him about your adventures this week, about going out with my mother and sister, going to the salon, and you getting together with your sister as well. He found it very interesting how comfortable you were becoming with your feminine side and thought that it was wonderful how accepting I am of you this way. He said that most women would have a difficult discovering that their husband was more of a woman than a man. Then he asked me if I preferred you as a pretend woman or as a sissy man. I had to think really hard before answering that one. I told him that prior to this week that you had become a sissy man, in fact that I had turned you into a sissy and you were no longer the man I married. And now, after this week, you may have crossed over into become more of a pretend woman then the sissy you were when I left.”

“He laughed and said ‘sounds like you are going to have to find a new man in your life. And I would be willing to volunteer for the position.’ He tried to make it sound like a joke, but we both knew he was serious. I must tell you that during this long conversation the sexual tension was growing. And I was glad you had thought to pack my vibrator because I had been gently using it on myself for about thirty minutes when he said that. Well, his comment pushed me over the edge and I got real quiet for a moment as I enjoyed an intense orgasm. From my silence he assumed that I was upset by his comment and started to apologize. I stopped him with a laugh and told him he had nothing to apologize for, and then I shocked even myself when I said that maybe my silence meant I was thinking about his offer. You could have cut the air with a knife at that point it was so thick.”

“Then he said that he was going to be in town real soon and would like to see us. I told him that we would love to see him and that our offer for him to stay with us was still open. He said ‘thanks, I will take you up on that, even though I don’t know if I will be able to behave myself now.’

“I guess I was still feeling the wonderful effects from my orgasm because I flirtingly said ‘I hope you don’t hurt yourself trying too hard.’ We both laughed and relaxed again after that. I will tell you that he asked if he would be seeing you as Beverly and I assured him that I would make sure that he did. I told him how he will enjoy being spoiled by my maid and that I will make sure you are totally at our beck and call for as long as we need you.”

So there it was. They had talked a great deal, they had flirted a lot, and they had made plans for me to cook for them and to serve them. I sat there stunned by Linda’s captivating dialog.

I never expected thing between them to have gone so far in one night. She had opened up to him, something she had only done for me… up until now. We both knew that our relationship had evolved into something entirely new now and things would never be the same again.

I am sure that I am about to partake of a new journey. I hope you will come along.


Phred said...

Thanks for the update. So, when will Barryl be in town?

Does everyone in your family now know about Beverly? Does your daughter know?

esirpus said...

I think that Linda will finally get a chance to wear the little black dress that you wrote about in an earlier

little shaun said...

And you didn't shoot a load in your pants as soon as Linda told you she welcomed Daryl's offer?