Monday, September 8, 2008

Linda Travels, Day 3

I didn’t sleep well. I had tried to reach Linda for over an hour, but kept getting her voicemail. Had she been talking to Darryl all of that time? What ever could they find to talk about for an hour? She hardly knew Darryl, at least that’s what I had thought.

So I didn’t get to talk to Linda to tell her about my day with her sister and mother, I slept poorly, and found myself staring at the clock at six a.m. I laid in bed for another hour thinking maybe Linda would call before heading out to her meetings. No phone call, instead when I went to my computer there was a message from Linda waiting for me.

The message said “you have an appointment at 10:00 at my salon for a manicure and pedicure. Don’t be late!”

I thought that today could turn out to be rather interesting. Once again, I didn’t have any personal plans so this would give me something to do. Then I remember the one caveat to Linda’s instruction for my three days alone… I was to dress as Beverly the entire time! That meant that I would have to go to the salon dressed enfemme. I pulled out a cute skirt and blouse outfit and got dressed. I was about ready to leave the house when I realized that I had pantyhose on under my skirt, and I was going to get a pedicure. That would have meant me having to remove the hosiery when I got there. So back to the bedroom to remove the hosiery and slip on sandals instead of pumps. At least I would be able to show off my pretty toes when I was done.

I arrived at the salon ten minutes early and thought about staying in the car until ten, but decided to head on in instead. The receptionist remembered me from my previous visit with Linda (plus she probably saw my name in the appointment book) and greeted me with a ‘good morning Beverly’. I guess Linda had informed them how I was going to be arriving and how I was to be addressed. Cindy, the nail tech, came out about a minute later and told me that she was ready for me. She complimented me on my outfit as we walked through the salon. When we got into the nail area, Cindy told me to pick out a polish color. We both agreed that a warm pink would look good with my color scheme. And with that I sat down in the pedicure chair, slipped off my sandals, and placed my feet in the warm water as Cindy turned on the chair massage feature. Nice! This was going to be very enjoyable and relaxing.

Once my toes were done, Cindy led me over to the manicure table. Now face to face, conversation was expected and Cindy launched into a litany of questions about my dressing (how long have I been doing it, do I go out while dressed, etc.) I told her about my dinner at Julie and John’s house as well as our day out shopping and lunching with her and her mother.

The time passed quickly, Cindy was a pleasure to spend two hours with. The toes and fingers looked great as well. I left with a smile and headed home.

The phone was ringing as I walked in the door. This time it was my sister calling. She told me that she had talked to Linda’s sister that morning and heard about my two outings as Beverly. I informed her that I had just returned from outing number three and told her about my nail appointment. She ask how I was dressed and I told her about my outfit. “Sounds like you are really getting into this ‘Beverly’ thing. How about you and I spending the afternoon together so I can see for myself?” I asked what she had in mind and she asked if I had eaten yet. Since I had come straight from the salon and hadn’t eaten any breakfast, I suddenly realized that I was quite hungry. Pam asked if I wanted to try another dining experience. Without asking what she had in mind, I decided that I wanted my fun day to continue so I agreed. Pam said she would be by within the hour to pick me up. That gave me just enough time to touch up my makeup and steady my nerves.

Pam took me to another nice little bistro (I didn’t know this city had so many places like that) and we enjoyed a relaxed afternoon talking like two sisters. I asked her if our mother had been asking about my ‘little activity’. She told me that Mom didn’t really understand why I was doing this and why Linda was fine with it. I asked if Mom knew about Linda’s mother and sister taking me out while I was dressed as Beverly and Pam said that she didn’t think Mom knew… yet. But it was just a matter of time.

It looks like my crossdressing was going to be out in the open to all of my family and extended family very soon. I remember that it wasn’t that long ago that I was very nervous about being exposed. And there I sat with my sister out in public.

Who would have thought??


M said...

OK, time for you to share PICTURES!
We ALL think this is great for you.

Iowabev said...

I am terrible about remembering to take photos of myself. I will try to do better in the future.
Thanks for writing!

All For Her said...

Good luck with your family. I can't imagine how difficult that could be, but it seems like the kind of thing that once it is done it could alleviate some of the anxiety associated with it.

I can't wait to find out how Linda's trip ends!

little shaun said...

Yeah, the suspense is killing me. I can't wait to know if that really was Daryl who had Linda's phone tied up that night.

Anyway, it's great to see that you have taken leaps and bounds towards being a full-time crossdresser. You and I both know that's where this is headed.