Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Linda Returns Home

Linda got home around nine that night, very tired from the five hour drive and fighting off a cold. We shared a glass of wine while catching up on what she had missed the last few days. She said she was proud of me for following her instructions of staying in femme mode for the entire time. She laughed at my embarrassment while being confronted by my brother-in-law while dining at her sister's home, complemented me on the ease in which I handled the dining out with her sister and mother and the next day's outing with my sister. And she was pleased with the nail color I had selected during my manicure and pedicure.
I asked her briefly about her trip, then got to the question that I was dying to ask. "Did Darryl call you Tuesday evening?" I asked and told her about him calling me but cutting it short.
"Yes, we had a nice talk. He can't wait to come visit us," she replied with an innocent smile. Of course I followed it up by asking what they talked about, to which she replied "we talked about you, about you and I, what you were doing while I was gone, and about our last dinner when you cooked and served us. There was a lot more, but I am tired from my trip. I want to take a bath and turn in for the night. We can talk about this more tomorrow. "
And with that she got up, handed me her wine glass, and walked away while telling me to draw her bath as she went and changed. There I sat full of questions and concerned while she acted like talking to Darryl for over an hour was no big deal.
Linda walked naked from the bedroom into bathroom, pausing only long enough to instruct me to unpack her suitcase while she relaxed. Was it my imagination or was she being more forceful suddenly? Was this because she had been gone for three days, or by chance was Darryl behind this? My mind was running wild.
More to follow.


All For Her said...

I'm on the edge of my seat!

esirpus said...

I've been following your blog from the beginning. It's a fascinating story. I'm picturing myself as Bev and I'm on pins and needles to see what happens next. What are Linda and Daryl up to?