Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Party

I wasn’t sure what to expect. We were having a dozen of our closest friends over on Saturday night to celebrate me completing my Masters. That was the idea, but the reason was really just an opportunity to share laughter and finally relax. As this was a mixture of a few of my friends from work and our friends we socialize with frequently, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Linda regarding exposing my role as her housewife in our wife-lead marriage. Several of the wives attending had seen me as Beverly when I served as the maid for Linda’s recent party. And one of the husbands had seen me in my outfit when he came to pick up his wife from the party. She made sure that he got a good look at me as I was forced to stand there on display for him. I suspected that he had told our male friends about this at the first opportunity because it had been awhile since any of them had called to invite me to golf or a poker night. If this had been a gathering of only those friends, I am sure Beverly would be making an appearance. But since this was a mixed crowd, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Linda regarding that.

In the past she has said that she has become comfortable enough with me in the wife role that she is not afraid to let others know that it is my preferred appearance. I asked her if she had told others about my dressing and our lifestyle change. She admitted that she keeps her best friend, Anna, abreast of my progress as well as a few of the girls from her party. She did say that as others start to discover our lifestyle changes that she felt that she will probably not hesitate to explain what is going on. I asked her if that included family and she said that her sister and her mother now know and have probably told her other family members. And she said that she thought my mother and sister would understand if they knew.

Now I was faced with wondering if all of my friends were about to find out as well. The evening started out well with me being allowed to pick out my own clothes. I remember the last time we had Darryl over to dinner and Linda had me dressing totally feminine, but not allowing me to wear make-up or a wig to complete the look, thus leaving me looking very much the feminized sissy. It looked like I was going to be able to avoid that in front of my friends.

Several months ago when I first started this blog, I had written… “I do wish that she would give me orders or leave me instructions. I wish she would discipline me when I do something wrong or not to her liking. A spanking to straighten me out would be great. Withholding sex or publicly humiliating me would be a wonderful learning experience. However, I know that she would never think of that on her own, nor would it be something that would come easily to her. She is not the bossy type naturally.” She has come a long way since I wrote that, to the point that now I don’t know what to expect out of her. She has said that the time would come when all of our friends and family would know about my womanly preference. Now I feared that this weekend would find me realizing that fate.

Not to leave you in suspense, it turned out to be a relatively calm party for me. There were a few references about my role as housewife by Pam, Barb, and Nancy. They had been at the Super Bowl party as well as at Linda’s party, and had seen me serve as the maid. They talked about how nice everything looked and how great the food was, complimenting me by saying that it certainly had the woman’s touch. But that was as far as it went. I noticed that some of my guy pals were kind of quiet around me, as if not sure what they should talk about, almost like when a woman enters the sacred ‘men’s circle’. Other than that, the party was great, just what I needed to unwind from my long academic endeavor.

I asked Linda about that after everyone had gone. She replied that it was my night and that she wanted me to enjoy myself with no worries. Believe me, the worries were there all night as I never knew what to expect and was constantly waiting for the ‘shoe to drop’. I guess, in a way, that had been torture in its own way. The anticipation was her discipline for me. Very clever, that gal!

And Sunday was yet another party.


Phred said...

Thanks for the update! Who are your guests on Sunday?

Do you think Linda wants you to be Beverly 24/7 in the near future?

Michael said...

Congratulations on your Masters - hard to do after you leave school.

After reading your 2 posts, I can't help but feel like your wife is something like a "puppet master" pulling your strings!

Do you think cleaning your M-I-L's or sister's house is far off? And has your wife started/continued your "Darryl's wife" training?
(OK, so I'm curious!)

bring on the updates!
Can't wait for the next update!