Saturday, June 21, 2008


This morning Linda announces to me “I need to buy a little black dress and I want you to come with me to pick it out.” I wasn’t surprised by her wanting me to accompany her shopping. When you are married to a cross dresser like me, you have someone who loves to shop for dresses. What surprised me was WHY does she need a little black dress?

Oh sure, no wardrobe is complete without a LBT hanging in it. But I couldn’t understand why she needed to buy one now. As far as I know we have nothing going on in the near future that requires us dressing up. When I asked her why, she was very coy and noncommittal in her response.

Something is up, but I don’t know what.


Ms. Lily said...

Hi Bev,
Can't wait to hear what the occasion is, I am sure you will have many interesting details to post.

Good luck, and have fun.

Michael said...

Sounds Like somebody's coming to dinner! Your stories are always intriguing! Who do you think th dress is for?