Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back to Normal

Thankfully, things have quieted down around here and starting to return to normal. Linda and I have had some time to think about everything that has taken place during the last month and finally sat down and talked about them.

She realized that it was a tough time for me with having to allow Darryl to see me in my role as Beverly, the housewife and subservient maid. Mentally, that was challenging because Darryl knew me quite well as a man, then to see that all changed as I because so utterly feminine instead. I think that was more difficult then having our family members see me in that light. I don’t have many close male friends, and this outing potentially risked losing one of my closest ones.

Then there was the matter of watching my wife become so intimate with another man. I guess I knew that it was a possibility if I was willing to admit it. But I didn’t really want to admit to myself that it would happen. Looking back, I remember thinking about that very thing when Linda and I first discussed Darryl staying with us. I knew what would eventually happen when he did stay here, but tried to block it out. The only surprise that Linda admitted was her surprise in me accepting her and Darryl becoming so intimate without ever a word of protest. She was sure that I would at least put up some token resistance to him bedding her so easily. However, she said she knew within ten minutes after Darryl’s arrival that I would be going along with everything they threw at me… and I did!

As we talked we concluded that we both had enjoyed my role as the maid to them as well as my constantly being dressed in feminine apparel and acting totally feminine. Linda was surprised that not once did I allow my male side to show. We also discussed what the future would hold and both agreed that Darryl would be welcomed here again and we would each resume our roles when that happened.

Finally, we talked about the sex. Linda stated that she would continue that with Darryl and I agreed to accept that. However, we both agreed that her involvement with another man would be strictly limited to Darryl and no others. I asked her about what took place after the party on Halloween when Ron brought her home. She said that she really didn’t plan on jumping into bed with him but that the drinks had loosened her up too much and Ron was able to take advantage of it. She talked with Anna and apologized for letting it happen. Anna was pissed at Ron and forgave Linda with the stipulation that it was a one-time occurrence and could never happen again. In trade-off, Anna got Linda to agree to have me spend a day at their house cleaning as ‘payment’. I’m not sure how I got roped into this whole thing, but it looks like I will be paying off Linda’s sin. That doesn’t seem fair, does it.

Then there is the matter of our families… I know they will want to know about Darryl’s visit and I really would rather they not know too much about what took place. So I asked Linda if she had said anything to anyone. All I got in return was a silly grin. I know she and her sister talk about many things. I was hoping that they hadn’t discussed any of this. Linda would not reply to my digging and kept trying to change the subject. Finally she tired of my constant asking and threatened me by saying that if I didn’t stop right then that she would take me over her knees and spank me. After the experiences at the hands of Darryl I wasn’t about to try pushing my luck with Linda, so I shut up abruptly and no more was said about the subject. I guess I will just have to wait until I am with her family again and see what comes up.

For the most part it was good to clear the air on all that has taken place. But there are still some lingering concerns that only time will tell how they will play out.


Anonymous said...

What about you? Did you discuss with Linda, your feelings about being spanked and Daryl's (and your)obvious enjoyment of it?
How will you and Linda continue? Sexually speaking?

fifi said...

I hope that you are able to deal with all that happened and the implications involved. I know that I would have a very difficult time adjusting.

ritemate said...

Are you allowed back in the Master bedroom?

whatevershesays said...

I think you'd agree that your arrangement with your wife is, shall we say, at the far end of a wife led marriage. However, if that works for you both, great.

What impresses me the most and I think important that all readers take away is the open and honest communication you have with your wife. It's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I'm really interested in the psychological effects and also the detail discussions between you and Linda. How did the discussion evolve?
What did she say to you and how did you respond and also how did you each feel about your rolls in the situation? How is the weekend with Daryl going to effect your sex life going forward? Will Linda continue to have sex with you or will she limit you to masturbation only? Will she continue to feminize you and did she tell you that? Is she going to lean toward making you only have sex with men as she contnues to make you more and more female? Will she put you on female harmones?

Beverly said...

Thanks for the comments. I appreciate the feedback. As for the thoughts Linda and I had and shared as well as what the future holds for my/our sex lives... stay tuned and see what happens my dear friends!

little shaun said...

I would really like to hear your answer on this, so my question is, did you get any excitement at all from Linda and Darryl's sexual relations, either during or afterwards upon retrospect?

Iowabev said...

little shaun, I got very turned on watching Linda and Darryl kissing and carrying on. I didn't see them having sex, and not sure how I would have reacted to actually seeing it, but knowing they were doing it turned me on big time.
Linda and I have shared fantasy talk many times over the years of her having a lover, so we both knew the cuckold lifestyle would be a possible turn-on for us.
That being said, I wouldn't want it to be an on-going thing. An occasional romp might add spice to our marriage, but a constant thing would ruin it.
Thanks for asking.