Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finger Licking Fun

I have had several inquiries into what has taken place sexually between Linda and I since Darryl’s visit, so I thought I would take some time to address that. I really hadn’t given it much thought until this last weekend. We have been married a long time and have settled into a bit of a rut when it comes to sex. We usually reserve Saturday morning for us to sleep late and then play around in bed before starting our weekend. I won’t go into a lot of details here except to say that we enjoy our sex life. I try to make sure that Linda is ‘satisfied’ first whenever possible. Also, I usually am not acting as Beverly in bed at these times as Linda prefers to make love to her husband and really doesn’t have much interest in experiencing a lesbian relationship. She does enjoy my oral skills however as well as the tenderness that I bring because of being in touch with my feminine side.

I realized last week that thing were different since Darryl’s visit, but hadn’t been aware of how it had carried over to Linda and my sex life until last Saturday.

The Saturday after his visit did not find us making love as we usually did. Instead, Linda asked me to spend some time pleasing her in bed. Since I was still somewhat in my feminine frame of mind carrying over from Darryl’s visit, I was happy to spoil her with a long massage as well as orally pleasing her. Once finished we realized that the morning had slipped away and got out of bed, leaving me sexually unfulfilled. I figured that we would have time later that weekend and so I wasn’t worried about it.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find time that weekend so I told myself that the next weekend we would make up for it. However, that Saturday I ended up over at my sister’s house helping get ready for our family’s Thanksgiving gathering (more on that in another post), so I was out of bed early to head over there.

I was really looking forward to this last weekend thinking that we would finally have time together. We did, but not as I thought. Image my surprise when Linda announced that morning that she didn’t want to make love but would instead manually take care of my needs. I enjoy when she does that so I wasn’t upset, but I did wonder why she didn’t want to make love, and asked her about it.

“To be honest, Honey, I am still remembering how hot it was when Darryl made love to me, and I am afraid right now that you don’t measure up to that. But don’t worry, my little sissy, we can still enjoy ourselves,” Linda stated as she rubbed my erection through my panties. I asked what was so different with Darryl and she replied “he was so powerful and masterful. He made me really feel like a woman. He has a great cock and he knows how to use it.”

“Don’t I satisfy you?”

“Sometimes, but I am still seeing you as Beverly and not as a man. In time that will change. But for now I don’t want your sissy cock in me. I hope you understand. Now lay back and let me take care of my little girl.” She rubbed her finger over the crown of my cock, gathering up the pre-cum that had accumulated, then brought her finger to my mouth. “Does my little sissy want a taste?” she asked as she pushed her wet finger into my open mouth. I sucked on it as she smiled.

“I bet Darryl would never eat his cum, or any other man’s for that matter. Don’t you agree?” she asked. I nodded in agreement. “I bet you would eat another man’s cum, wouldn’t you?” She had me so turned on with her ministrations that I would have agreed with almost anything she asked. “I know you would because you got a taste of Darryl’s cum from my pussy, didn’t you. You liked that, didn’t you?” Again, I nodded in agreement. “And I bet you would like to taste his cum straight from his cock, wouldn’t you? Maybe next time he visits we can arrange that.”

That was all that was needed to send me over the top and I covered my stomach with my cum. Linda scooped it up in her hand and poured it into my mouth, instructing me to lick her palm clean of the sticky mess. She smiled as I followed her instructions. Next she ordered me to bring her off orally. While doing so I realized that this would probably be our ‘normal’ routine for some time to come.


MaryMary said...

Dear Beverly,
'Oh boy' or should I say 'oh girl'. As Karen Carpenter sang, "It's only just begun". I guess you have to go with the flow. It does sound yummy though, doesn' it.
Enjoy yourself,

All For Her said...

I'm most curious about how all these new changes make you feel. I can imagine it's very exciting at times, but also terrifying at times.

When Daryl and Linda were alone at night and you were in the guest room, what was going through your mind? Did you fantasize about what was going on and masturbate or were you in shock?

Sorry, I'm just really curious.


Beverly said...

Thanks for the comments and questions. I am nervous about what the future holds. As long as Linda and I stay strong and connected I am willing to see where this goes.
The first night Darryl stayed with Linda, I barely slept at all. I tried listening for sounds but heard none. Images of the two of them together danced in my head all night. And I will admit that I did 'relieve the pressure', so to speak. The second night was a little easier and I shocked myself by how quickly I fell asleep the third night.
I still have mental images of them in bed together. I doubt those will go away quickly.
As for what was going through my mind, I couldn't believe that it was happening or how quickly it happened. Deep down I knew that it was possibly going to happen because of their phone conversation becoming more sexual. I also knew that I was becoming more of a sissy in Linda's eyes and that she might need someone more manly to help her from time to time. In pursuing my own agenda of experiencing being more feminine, I realized that I was creating a void in Linda's life that would have to be filled. Maybe that is why I was so eager to renew my friendship with Darryl because I saw him as a person who could do that.

Em said...

What a delightful development!

ritemate said...

Thank you so much for yet another awesome post. It looks like your sex life is in for some drastic changes. Don’t you think there’s a risk that Darryl will come for another visit before Linda has changed her mind about your sissy cock? And then there’s always the trip to Vegas to remind Linda what a manly cock feels like. Even so, I think you are lucky to share Linda's bed, and being able to “relieve the pressure”. Maybe Linda should restrict your ability to play with your own cock in order to increase your interest in pleasing Darryl?

Anonymous said...

As Linda's sissy girl at home, you are beginning to assume your proper place. Ritemate is correct in suggesting you be caged. You should ask Linda about it.

You also need to learn how to orally please Daryl as Linda wants you too. You may possibly (and should) submit to him anally also. A stud like Daryl should have ready access to all the holes in the family.

By submitting further, you get further into your feminine identity and Linda becomes freer to enjoy herself completely with Daryl and possible later, other 'real men.' A win/win wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

If you are now more a woman than a man how coudld you expected your wife to have sex with you anymore. She now have another man in his life. Don't be sorry, you choose it, maybe she will help you to have yours.

little shaun said...

Ritemate makes a great point about restricting your masturbatory activities. I would hope you confessed to Linda about it, and suggested that the hornier you are, the more you'd want Darryl's cock in your mouth.

As for not getting to fuck Linda, it would stand to reason that Darryl has made her pussy his own, whether subconsciencely on their part or whatever. The sooner you face the fact that Linda's pussy isn't yours anymore, the better you will feel. It's probably arousing to think of it that way as well, but that's just me.

Anonymous said...
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