Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hair Affair

This entry will be a departure from my latest escapades involving Darryl, and a return to where this blog originated… that being fun and frolic between just Linda and myself. I hope you don’t mind.

Yesterday was our anniversary. I won’t say which one, only that it is well past twenty happy years. My gift to Linda was a certificate for a day of spoiling at a spa. Linda treated me to supplies for my favorite hobby (photography). Unbeknownst to me, there was even more to come.

I had an appointment to get my hair cut in the morning. As Linda was leaving for work, she handed me a small bag that was taped shut. “Give this to Meghan (my hairstylist) when you go in this morning,” she instructed, then kissed me and headed out the door with no further explanation. In the past Linda had conspired with Meghan to treat me to various forms of embarrassment and femininity exposures. I was sure that this would be something along those lines as well.

Meghan has known about ‘Beverly’ and my dressing activities for several years. Each time I come in to the salon she asks me about my latest feminine involvements and adventures. Since she has me come in as the first appointment of the morning, I know the salon will not be busy and therefore always dress leaning towards the feminine side. I was wearing a blue sweater and gray slacks, women’s wear of course. The bra I wore was not padded but the outline and slight protrusions could still be identifiable to the knowing observer. I decided to put on a little eyeliner and mascara along with a light coating of lip gloss… nothing too noticeable, but I knew Meghan would see it. I keep my hair somewhat long and cut into a slightly feminine wedge. And I let Meghan have free-rein over the styling each time. As I sat in the chair I handed her Linda’s bag. I realized that she and Linda had been talking and plotting because she took the bag without registering any surprise, setting it aside without opening it.

Since we were alone in the salon, Meghan started peppering me with questions about how I spent my Thanksgiving and then settling in asking about Darryl’s visit. That surprised me somewhat. At my last appointment I had casually mentioned that my friend was coming for a visit. I guess I must have commented that Beverly would be making an appearance as well. She asked how he reacted, then asked about Linda’s reacting to her husband appearing in all his feminine best before my old friend. I must have revealed too much because Meghan picked up on something I said and started quizzing me about Darryl and Linda interacting. Before I knew it I had told her everything about that week as well as about our plans to attend the bowl game and stay with Darryl. I couldn’t believe that I talked about all of that so freely with her. It must have been the ‘power of the beauty salon’ at work. I have heard about how all secrets are revealed within those walls, and now it had taken its toll on me.

Because I was talking so much, I wasn’t paying any attention to what Meghan was doing with my hair. When I looked in the mirror I was shocked. She had styled my hair in a totally feminine comb-out, complete with little pin-curls. Then she opened Linda’s bag and pulled out an assortment of hair accessories: ribbons, pins, clips in all colors and styles. She smiled at the collection and began picking and selecting what she would use in my hair. When she was done I looked like something between a teen girl going to a prom and a bride on her wedding day. There was no way I was going to hide that hairstyle as combed out as it was and decorated with sparkly clips.

“This is part of Linda’s anniversary gift to you. Plus, you are to meet her for lunch at Harrington’s,” Meghan explained.

When she removed the long black apron that covered me, my clothing selection no longer looked androgynous. With my feminine hairstyle, I now looked quite feminine head to toe. Now I wished that I had worn more make up and padded my bra so I could at least look like a woman. Instead I looked exactly like what I was… a cross dressed man!

Meghan wished me luck on my lunch date and almost had to push me out the door. Fortunately, Linda was already seated when I arrived at the restaurant so I was able to walk in and sit down. She commented on how nice my hair looked and asked if I liked my surprise. “It definitely was a surprise,” I answered.

I am happy to say that lunch went extremely well. The waitress smiled warmly at me as she took our order. I received only a few glances and stares from passersby and seated patrons, mostly do to the pronounced hairstyle being out of place for that time of day and location.

All in all, it was a fun and unforgettable anniversary.


ritemate said...

What a lovely anniversary!
It’s obvious that Linda cares deeply for you as Her life companion. It seems to me however, that She now sees you not as the Man in Her life but as Her beloved sissygurl. Do I mind that you depart from your involvement with Darryl? On the contrary, I would love to hear more about your day-to-day life with Linda. Are you dressing mostly “en femme” nowadays? Do you address your Wife as “Linda” or as “Madam”? Are you waiting on Her at the table, or are you allowed to sit down and eat with the Head of the Household? How will you spend Christmas? On the other hand, I’m really looking forward to reading all about your upcoming Florida adventure!

Bevw said...

Thanks for writing ritemate. I do dress enfemme most of the time around the house, not always going as far as to put on make-up or a wig, but usually dressed very nice.
I think you are right in that Linda must be seeing me more as her sissygirl and less as the 'man' she married. I still address her as Linda or Honey. I haven't been instructed to take a more submissive tone with that yet.
The Christmas holiday will find us traveling to relatives, both local and out of state, then returning just long enough to get everything ready for our Florida trip and shipping off a box of formal wear and accessories for New Years Eve to Darryl.
That should be quite an adventure!
Hope you and everyone reading has a very happy holiday season.

Ms. Lily said...

Happy anniversary to you, both. And I hope you enjoy your holiday season, as well as, your trip to Florida ;)

MaryMary said...

Dear Beverly,
If you would be so kind, can you answer a question I have. You may have mentioned it in one of your posts but I don't recall. Does Linda read your blog?