Monday, December 1, 2008

Darryl Comes To Visit - Part Eight

I can’t believe I slept through the night, falling asleep soon after my head hit the pillow on the guest bed, and not waking once. Had I gotten so accustomed to our sleeping arrangements that it didn’t even faze me now? That can’t be good. At least last night was the end of it as Darryl was leaving today and things could go back to normal… or was that even possible anymore given the changes that had occurred over the past few days. Would Linda be able to see me as her husband, or even wife, again or would I forever more be just a sissy maid in her eyes? I know my relationship with my old friend Darryl would never be the same. I mean the man had spanked my naked butt and felt my arousal from it. I could never be just an old drinking buddy ever again. Plus my wife had been his lover for three days, so that relationship was forever changed as well. No, I was pretty sure that roles couldn’t be changed back, and that Linda and Darryl certainly would not want them to regress.

I was thinking about these things as I sat at the table that last morning when I suddenly became aware of the time. I needed to take coffee up to the lovers and prepare their breakfast. As I knocked on the door to the bedroom (I couldn’t bring myself to think of it as ‘their bedroom’), I held my breath as I pushed open the door to Linda’s reply of ‘come in’. I wasn’t sure what awaited me on the other side.

Linda was lying in bed dressed in a black satin nightgown, the covers pulled up to her waist. She sat up as I walked over to the nightstand with the coffee. She smiled and said “Darryl is in the bathroom and will be right out. I bet you are happy that he is leaving today.”

Before I could reply, I heard the bathroom door open and Darryl walk into the bedroom. I didn’t turn but just continued to pour their coffee. “There’s our little sissy girl. Did you sleep well last night?” he asked as he walked up behind me.

Suddenly I found him wrapping his arms around my waist from behind as he hugged me. I looked at Linda and saw a big smile on her face. It was then I realized that he was naked! When he pulled me into him I could feel his erection pushing into my lower back. I didn’t know what to do as I looked to Linda for help and support. Instead, she smiled back at me with a wicked grin and said “why don’t you give our man a good morning kiss? That would be something we would have in common.”

Before I could reply Darryl loosened his grip on my waist and spun me around so I was facing him. As soon as I looked up at him he lowered his face so his lips met mine. Once again I was pulled into a tight squeeze, only this time I was locked in a kiss, and only my clothes were separating us. When the kiss finally ended (did it last an hour or was that just my imagination?), I found myself first looking at the big grin on his face and then my eyes traveled south, locking on the site of what was poking out between us. His erection was huge and it appeared to be looking up at me! I heard Linda suggest that I get a closer look at it but, instead, I was able to pull away from Darryl’s grip and tried to resume serving coffee. They both laughed at my discomfort as I handed each a cup of hot brew. Flushed with shame, I quickly exited the bedroom to the sounds of their mutual laughter.

How could Linda do that to me; put me in that embarrassing position, and then make that awful suggestion that I get closer to Darryl’s manhood. I know where that would have led and I didn’t want any part of it. I went about my duties in the kitchen preparing breakfast and listening for them to come down.

Once again we sat around the table and talked about ordinary things, ignoring what had taken place in the bedroom this morning or over the last few nights. Darryl thanked us again for our hospitality, saying how much he enjoyed spending time with us. Linda asked when he would be back and he promised that it would be very soon. It didn’t shock me when she once again offered him a place to stay whenever he was in town. After these last three days I knew we would be seeing Darryl more often in the future.

He talked about having to make a business trip to Las Vegas right after the first of the year. “Why don’t you join me? The two of us could enjoy a week in the sun and escape the cold Iowa winter.” I noticed that I wasn’t being included but was somewhat surprised when Linda said that she would check to see if she could get away from work then. Would see really go and spend a week alone with another man, and not even talk about it with me first? I knew what the answer was and also knew that a week ago things would have been different.

Finally the time had come for Darryl to depart. I was able to get away with just a quick hug, no kisses. However, he and Linda embraced long and tight and I could see that neither wanted this trip to end so soon. Then the front door closed and we heard his car drive away. Linda turned towards me. I could see that she was fighting to hold back crying.

“It has been an interesting three days. I know that things have been trying for you and you have been surprised at what took place. We need to talk about it and to work on getting back to ‘us’. But I would like to ask you to give me another day before we talk so I can put this behind me. Then we can sit down and you can ask anything you want. Just let me have a little more time to get my mind straightened out. Ok?” She gave me a hug then went to get her purse. She gave me a nice warm kiss before leaving for work.

The door closed behind her and I sat down at the table to once again get lost in my thoughts. It had been an unbelievable experience with Darryl, taking us places that I never dreamed we would go. It had left an imprint on Linda and I, on our marriage, and on our friendship. This was going to take some time to work through. Fortunately, our love for each other is strong and I was sure we would get through this together.

Well, my dear readers, that is the saga of Darryl’s visit. Thanks for staying with me and putting up with the breaks. I hope I have done a good job of retelling what took place. There is more to come with family reactions, holiday gatherings, our discussions, and everyday occurrences. They won’t be as exciting as this has been because I don’t know if I could handle anything as tough as this anytime soon. I know that there have been many questions asked and I will try to get them all answered. One I will address now is that there are no photos to share here. That would be way too dangerous for me to post photos of Linda or Darryl as it could do too much harm, and really wouldn’t contribute all of that much to the site. So just conjure up in your mind any image that you wish to attach to Linda or Darryl and make do with that.

And with that, I will now try to return to my ‘more normal’ blogging. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more excitement ahead!


Anonymous said...

Dear Beverly,

Thank you for the conclusion of the visit of Darryl.

Now that this is all behind you, how do you feel about all of it? Are you happy that this happened?

You may not have any choice in this, but, do you want this dynamic to continue?

Best wishes,


tony said...


What an incredible end to Daryl's stay. I don't know if I could have gotten through something like that myself.

I know you both will go through some emotions when the time comes to talk. I wish you all the best.


All For Her said...

What an amazing journey.

I look forward to hearing about your talk with Linda and I'd love to hear more about your thoughts and feelings about everything that has happened.

MaryMary said...

Dear Beverly,
Yours is the best, most interesting blog of all. Even without this Darryl saga there is nothing as exciting as this blog. Thank you for taking time to write and sharing your life. I am also a male housewife and I know time is at a premium. I know I will enjoy anything you feel like writing about. Thank you again. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging . I'm so excited to hear more!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A most intense and intimate account of what pasted between your wife, her boy friend and her husband. Thank you for sharing

ritemate said...

You’re such a good gurl, and so modest! First you tell us the adventure with Darryl is almost over, and then you deliver another amazing chapter in the story of your life. Thank you so much for sharing. So much has changed in your life, but I’m sure when Darryl visits again there will be even more to come. Something tells me that your submission to him won’t be limited to spanking then.

little shaun said...

I guess the hardest part about this is that you have to realize that things are changed forever. What's worse, there's no way Linda can look at you the same way when it comes to sex. That must be the absolute hardest part.

Anonymous said...
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