Friday, September 11, 2009

What Happened??

All of a sudden my blog counter reset itself, but not all the way to zero. It was up to 130,000+, then earlier this week it went back to 12,300ish and I don't know why. It did this last summer as well when it hit in the 40,000 range.
Have you had this happen to you? Any idea why it happens or what can be done to get the counter back to where it belongs?

I am doing some house work today, nothing too elaborate, just general cleaning. So far, no one has dropped in on me. I hope to get finished up early today so I have some time to spend on this blog. That's my reward for getting my work done, so off I go. Enjoy your weekend.

This photo really doesn't have anything to do with this blog entry, but it is SO CUTE!


sub hubby said...

Hi. My counter is wrong too. so I downloaded the add on that I've got on the side of my blog - but that's started to spin up any old number it feels like too!

Iowabev said...

Don't cha just love technology??