Thursday, September 24, 2009

Normal Is As Normal Does

I am happy to report that things are returning to normal at our house. Linda is still working too hard, but enjoys returning home at the end of the day to her faithful househusband. I await her arrival each evening, dressed in my feminine best, cocktail in hand, greeting her at the door to relieve her of her stressful day.

While we enjoyed Darryl’s recent visit, her more than me, it is nice to have our lives centered on each other again. There have been some lasting effects from that visit, primarily in the bedroom which I will get into later, and also some for each of us to deal with separately as well as together. It would be foolish to think that someone could be so intimately entrenched in our lives and not have some residual consequences.

At night, we talk about our days with her telling me about work situations and issues while soliciting my response, and I report on my day of cleaning, cooking, and trying to be the perfect wife for her. My work allows me great freedom to not only work from home, but to schedule my work flow as best to not interfere with my housewife role… my number one priority.

Evenings find us relaxing in front of the TV, surfing the web together, skyping with friends or family members. We try to stay together in the evenings for the most part. The exception coming when either of us is interrupted by a personal phone call. This tends to be mostly Linda receiving a call from Darryl or me getting a call from Roger or Jesse. It all seems to equal out as Darryl calls twice as often as my friends do. Linda will usually leave the room for a private conversation that often lasts over an hour. At the same time, she likes me to stay in the room with her when I get a call from “my boyfriends”, as she refers to Roger and Jesse. She loves to hear my side of the conversation and then asks me what they said when finished or she will throw in comments for me to relay to them. I am usually beet red from embarrassment when talking to them, as I know she is privy to the conversation. Sometimes she will even play with my cockette while I try to carry on a conversation, teasing me unmercifully as my beau whispers sweet nothings in my ear.

My feminization continues as I find myself dressed as Beverly about 80% of the time now. Linda prefers me to be dressed as Bev when she gets home as well as being enfemme throughout the day while home. The only reprieve I get is when I have to leave the house to run errands or for business meetings. I am even doing yard work or washing our cars in some sort of feminine garb per her request. I know most of our neighbors have seen me such attired, but I am long past worrying about what they think.

I was putting on my bra the other morning while Linda stood silently watching.

“You do that so naturally now, just as well as any woman, as if you have been doing it all your life,” she finally commented.

When we figured out how long I have been dressing as Beverly, it indeed has been over half of my life now.

She also compliments me on my legs, saying that they are my best attribute. And, I have to agree, it is true. I have great legs. Both Linda and I are blessed with shapely gams. Of course, she also has fantastic breasts, a figure to die for with that taunt stomach, and a traffic-stopping ass to complete the trifecta (or would that be quinella?). Regardless, I think one of the sexiest times is when we are both wearing hosiery. I love to rub our legs together then. Talk about HOT!

Other little life enjoyments we share are taking a long relaxing bath together where we shave each other’s legs while soaking in perfumed luxury or helping each other get dressed in the morning. I love to pamper her with regular manicures and pedicures as we watch a movie. I paint her nails while she feeds me popcorn.

I must admit that I still feel pangs of jealousy when she is on the phone with Darryl for extended periods or I hear her giggle softly as she reads his emails. I also still struggle with the attention from Roger and Jesse, not sure what I feel towards them and if I want a boyfriend (or two) in my life. Linda tells me that those experiences will help form my feminine persona. I am just not sure why I need that.

Roger still begs for me to come visit him. Jesse keeps calling to ask me out. Linda continues to push, “go for it!”.

And Darryl continues to be a force to be reckoned with. He has a firm attachment on Linda now. Hardly a day goes by without his name being mentioned or he inflicts himself on our lives. Because of his requests (read ‘demands’), each night I have oral responsibilities to perform on Linda before retiring. I have still not been allowed to make love to her since he left but, instead, I look after her needs with the use of various size toys. Often, a large dildo, affectionately named Darryl by Linda, finds its way into my mouth by Linda’s hand, culminating with the licking of my own seed from its shaft… a gentle reminder, Linda states, that I must perfect my cocksucking skills.

Yes indeed, our life has returned to ‘normal’… whatever that may be!


Liz Romney said...

It's the 'new' normal Beverly. And I think you're adjusting to it very well. I think you need a boyfriend or two. You can never have too many suiters ;-)


PS Glad you're feeling better... I miss my regular shot of Beverly!

Iowabev said...

Thank you dear.

sub hubby said...

Lovely post. I so 'get' you.

ritemate said...

In my mind, being Bev 80 % of the time means that Beverly now is your ”true self”. Your goal however must be to reach 100 %. Getting to 90 % should be easy. If you don’t care about your neighbors knowing about Bev, why should you care about the people you meet when you’re running errands?
As you’re always a reluctant girl, perhaps Linda will have to order you do your shopping enfemme. She should also arrange another date with Jesse, so you can get some more real life training in the fine art of cocksucking.
As for business meetings, I understand that arriving as Bev could be a problem; but maybe you could let Beverly take care of any new customers while your male persona retains the old ones?

Beverly said...

Ritemate, you pose some very interesting ideas. Maybe I could turn over my non-face to face work to Beverly. I could tell the clients to email her with any questions or problems. Very interesting indeed.