Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Live Goes On

I am happy to report that, with Darryl’s visit behind us, Linda and I have started to return our lives to normal. I won’t say that there hasn’t been a few ‘instances’ of unsettling times, but, for the most part, we have worked our way through them and are, once again, enjoying the life of a happily married couple.

So, with that said, I think it is time to return my blog to reporting about the mundane and ordinary life of a male housewife and his/her supportive and adventurous wife.

Did I report that we had won the lottery and are buying a private island away from civilization? I can dream, can’t I?


We have had a few visitors over the last two weeks that I need to report on.

Last Saturday, I was doing some housework when my mother-in-law stopped by. I was vacuuming the living room and was going to be going outside to mow the lawn and do some yard work as soon as I was done inside, so I was dressed in old clothes… cutoff shorts and a t-shirt, since we were not expecting company. Usually, I will were something feminine, like a maid’s dress, when working inside. But not this day.

When Linda’s mother came in I was vacuuming so I didn’t hear her, but Linda tapped me on the shoulder to tell me she was here. I turned off the vacuum to say hello and was greeted by her saying “shouldn’t you be at least wearing an apron while doing housework?”

I explained that I was heading outside as soon as I was done with this chore. She looked at Linda with an expression that clearly conveyed that she thought Linda was being lax with me. It clearly told me that my mother-in-law was quite aware and approving of our female-led lifestyle. As I returned to my housework, Linda walked into the kitchen, got an apron out of the drawer, and proceeded to tie it around my waist. Her mother looked on approvingly as I resumed my work.

They were sitting at the table drinking coffee when I finished. I told them that I was going to go outside to mow now, and then asked if it was all right to remove the apron.

“You cannot mow the lawn in an apron!’ Linda’s mother exclaimed. “You might get it dirty.”

I removed the apron and headed out the door, hearing her tell Linda, “A sundress would be more fitting, don’t you think.”

Earlier in the week, I was having my heavy cleaning day where I spend the entire day cleaning the house top to bottom, so I had elected to wear one of my cleaning maid dresses. It is more of a utility dress, like those worn by hotel housekeeping workers, not the sexy dress that I wear on more special occasions. When I am doing my heavy duty cleaning I like to counterbalance the work by putting on full make-up and fixing my hair to its feminine best. That way, when I look in a mirror, a feminine maid is looking back.

I was in full cleaning mode, going about my chores, when my sister dropped in. I guess we must be a really close family because no one ever seems to call first. They just stop by.

There was a time that having a family member drop in and see me as Beverly would have freaked me out. But when I heard her voice announcing her arrival, I set down my cleaning rag and went to greet her with a hug. She commented on how nice I looked for cleaning house and I explained how that helped me keep in the mood.

“Any time you are in the mood, feel free to come over and clean my house,” she teased. I just may take her up on that some day.

I took a break from my cleaning and offered her refreshments, then sat at the table to talk. She asked me how our weekend with Darryl had gone, commenting that she could understand why Linda was so into him.

“He is a real hunk, so forceful, and so sexy. God, he made me weak in the knees,” she commented. “When he told us to spank you, I swear I got wet immediately.” We both blushed at her openness. “What else did I miss? Did Linda stay naked all night?”

I told her that Linda got dressed shortly after she left because we were going out for the night. Of course she wanted to know all of the details so I told her about my arranged double date with Jesse and how he met us at dinner. Pam asked if we came home after dinner, but the look on her face told me that she expected that we didn’t.

“Darryl took us to a tattoo parlor,” I confessed.

“Who got a tattoo, both of you? Can I see it?” she asked, excitingly.

“Linda got a butterfly tattoo down below the belt,” I conceded. I could see her picturing Linda’s shaven pubic region now adorned with a tattoo. I let her mull that for a second before I proceeded to tell her about my navel piercing. Of course she wanted to see it, so I unbuttoned my dress and spread it open to show off my new jewelry.

“That is so cute! Did it hurt much?” she asked.

I explained that it only hurt for a couple of seconds, then told her about the care instructions for it since she seemed quite interested in my piercing.

“How long did Linda’s tattoo take?”

I really didn’t want that question as I had to admit that Jesse and I didn’t wait around for the whole procedure, so I didn’t know the answer. She tried to pry out of me what the two of us did, but all I replied was that we enjoyed each other’s company. She did get me to reluctantly admit that Jesse had stayed most of the night.

Fortunately, for me, her time was limited and she had to leave, thus cutting the conversation off before more details could be pried out of me.

A few more teasing remarks about Jesse and me, a request to me to tell Linda that she wanted to see the tattoo, and a comment about how she hoped that I was not upset about her participation in my spanking (I am not).

“I am glad to hear that you are not upset with me about that spanking. I have to admit that I enjoyed that. I told Rod about it when I got home and he commented that he would never allow himself to be spanked. So, I guess if I feel the urge to spank someone, I will just have to come see you,” Pam teased.

“Linda told me about the night Darryl took her to Chicago and how she had you dress in a little girl’s dress and had to be in bed by nine. She said that she had thought about calling me to come over and baby sit with you. I wish she had. Wouldn’t that have been fun? Tell her that I am available anytime she needs a sitter,” she further teased. “You be sure to tell her or I might have to give you another spanking.”

With that, she got up from the table and gave me a hug before departing. I definitely didn’t like the turn that had taken.


ritemate said...

It must be great for Linda to know that Her sister-in-law is not only willing but positively eager to be your sitter. Now it’s only a matter of time before Pam gets to look after you while Linda is away. It’s also obvious She won’t spare the rod, so I can understand your trepidation.
On another note, have you had many closeup views of Linda’s tattoo?

alan said...

I know I would dread my sister's enjoyment...


Liz Romney said...


It's obvious why no one calls before coming over nowadays, they want to "catch" you in some vaguely compromising circumstances. And now you're getting it from your MIL and your sister. Just be a good girl and accept the situation as it is.


Anonymous said...

Is Pam older or younger than you?