Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Asking The Tough Questions; We All Want The Answer!

I came upon an interesting article online today and wanted to share the information and get your opinion as well. It had to do with how often should you wash your bra. The woman generating the topic had ‘a friend’ that only washed her bra every three months, which this woman thought was absurd. She thought that a bra should be washed after every wearing.

The person answering the question stated the following…

… “For normal wearing, a bra should be washed after every 5th to 8th wearing. The bra should never be worn two days in a row as it needs time to regain its shape.

For a bra worn where it may come in contact with heavy perspiration, such as a sports bra, washing may be needed after every wearing.

But for normal wearing, extend the life of your bra by stretching out the laundering, always wash either by hand or under a gentle machine setting, and always line dry, never put a bra in a dryer.”

How does that fit with your practice? Agree or disagree?


Anonymous said...

I think that there are several things you can try to target with the bra washing, and this seems to be looking at increasing the life. But, lingerie shopping is so fun, and wearing a freshly laundered one is so nice, why not wash them every day? :-)

By the way, I've been really enjoying reading your blog for several months now. Keep up the good work.


Iowabev said...

Thanks Hon!

BC said...

Would you wear other underwear more than once without washing?

Susan's Pet said...

That depends on more than opinion. For example, we live in a climate that gets hot as hell in the summer. Just walking from one's car to an airconditioned building works up a sweat.

I find clean fresh sweat erotic, but not when it has had time to ferment. It is best to hand wash, or at least, rinse a bra after every wear. Then again, that is entirely up to my wife to enforce on me.

ritemate said...

This is absolutely a tough and important question! Unfortunately, it’s not really my field of knowledge, but these are my 2p’s.
If you’re not lactating, and somehow I think you’re not, your panties should be exposed to a lot more of bodily fluids (and waste residues, if you pardon my graphic language) than you bra. So as you should change panties every day, you could safely keep your bra longer. If you use one bra on even days and another on uneven days, each bra should last about 4 days, provided your boyfriend doesn’t soil it. Men can be so sloppy sometimes, and as you’re a good girl you don’t want to go around with cum on your bra.

whatevershesays said...

Unless she sweats alot, she'll get 2-3 wearing between washes. I put it in a lingere bag then lay them out, after shaping, to dry.

Liz Romney said...

I read the article in Slate and thought it hit the nail on the head, so to speak.

The most likely spot to "go first" is the strap under the arm.


Phred said...

Great post! The golf outing was just super! You mentioned your bra changing your swing plane. What size was your bra the day of the golf outing? You have stated in the past that some days you use inserts and some days you don't. Are you going bigger?

Anonymous said...

dear beverly,

this is just to let you know how much i am enjoying your blog.

i am an old 'man' with submissive feelings and desires. my Wife is very reluctant to dominate me, but gradually She is accepting my service more.

i found your blog a few weeks ago and started to read it from there. but to understand the development i now read all your entries.

you are writing wonderfully. i wish i could.

it makes me happy to see how your Wife is accepting you as Her sissy husband and how you accept Her as your mistress.

i thank you very much for sharing and i am looking forward to your next entries. you are exciting to me and i wish my Wife was a bit more like your Linda.


alan said...

Wife wants hers in a lingerie bag and in with a load when the washer isn't too full; she doesn't much care whether it's warm or cold water wash, though I tend to put them in during cold water washes thinking the elastics and other synthetic material will last longer than if they're washed in warm water. We clip the hooks together and fold the straps inside when we drop them in the bag, though they seldom stay put. These last few years I have to remember to wear my bifocals downstairs to untangle the hooks from the bag; with her in a 44C there are a lot of them...

Her work one she washes every day and wears again the next day. The ones she wears around the house will go several days or over a weekend unless it's a normal Kansas July or August.

Durability is probably a function of price as well; she likes Playtex.