Sunday, November 23, 2008

What gives?

I spent all of that time writing the blogs and no comments left for the last two. I guess that what I wrote wasn't of interest to anyone so I will end that line and start a new one after the holidays (Thanksgiving here in the U. S. A.


Anonymous said...

What? You are going to leave us hanging? I. for one, enjoyed reading your interesting story. Don't leave us hanging, Bev. Maybe Darryl should spank you a little harder and longer!

Anonymous said...

Well, the reason for no, or few comments was because we couldn't comment anonymously. Since that's been fixed, you'll probably start seeing more comments.
So do please continue.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you say in a previous post that you and Linda were going to have a talk when she got home? Also, I am very interested!!! Please keep them coming. On the days you don't post I just go back and back to your blog.

M said...

Blame me as well as everyone else for not thanking you for sharing!
I have been "saving" the segments 4-7, the 1st three were a lot of work for you, I know, but they left me always asking.."and then"...? You really are such a tease.
Darryl & your wife should be grateful for your active & passive help for these difficult days, and I know, as hard as they make me (and maybe you too) they were difficult as well. Facing up to who really are is BOTH exhilarating and frightening!
I must ask, have you WANTED to suck Darryl?
More, PLEASE? Pretty please? With Sugar on top!
Thank you again

... said...

I have been reading and checking your blog daily. You and your expereinces are appreciated even if we are not very thoughtful in our lack of feedback. Like the last comment, I am very interested in the communications with your wife. What is her agenda and how will you react? As nearly a full time maid to your wife, I am surprised she hasn't done more to formalize your roles. I am also surprised she and her boyfriend let you run around without a chastity device to guarantee your femininity. I am sure we are all eager to her about more interaction with the relatives as you sink more into the maid role.

Thanks for your blog and keep it up (so to speak).

Anonymous said...

I read your blog everyday and i can't wait to know the following.
What you are living is my dream even if as nowadays it can be difficult to accept.

Good luck

Sorry for my english but i'm french.

All For Her said...

Well, I haven't known how to respond, really.
It's been a long, drawn out story so any response that is very serious really needed to wait until it was all said and done.

On the other hand, seeing as it was an ongoing story I wanted to see what happened next all the time.

So, I guess when I can really put together all that has happened in this situation I can comment a little better.

Frankly, even as a reader it's been a lot. I'm not sure what I can say or do that would make an impact on where you are right now.

I'm sorry to see that you are so frustrated, but I bet if you check your page views you are getting a lot right now...

Anonymous said...
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Iowabev said...

Thanks to all of you for responding. I have enjoyed writing this blog even though it is a lot of work and writing isn't something I really enjoy doing.
The 'adventure' with Darryl is almost over. I hope you like it.
Thanks for reading and your comments.

Anonymous said...

Don't stop now and leave me hanging. I look for the next chapter everyday even though I don't comment on it. This is a very unusual story and its being told in a very provocative
manner and I'm sure I'm not the only one to think that.

Anonymous said...

You know how to tease us...
We need to find out the rest of the story...

Anonymous said...


You could tell us a lot more...

Linda spent time with Ron after the party. Was Ron's wife OK with this? (She did call to give Linda the heads up.)

How did you feel during their moments of intimacy?
When he stroked her before the spanking?
When the red dress was off her shoulders?
When he caressed her while watching TV?
What were the expressions on Linda's face?

How did you feel sleeping alone as they spent the nights in passionate love?

Did you become more feminine as a way to distance yourself from Linda?
Did Linda encourage your femininity as a way to distance herself from you? (You are not the man she married...)

Opposites attract. Women love alpha men. As you became more feminine, Linda was drawn to Darryl.

Women want a man that feels she is worth fighting for. You became more submissive and feminine, and stood by as she shared love and passion with Darryl. Is Linda crushed because you did not fight for her? Is she disappointed that you submitted and allowed another man to take your place in her bed? In submitting to Linda's desires, have you lost her respect?

I am sure this was challenging for you, but I suspect this was difficult for Linda as well.

Do you love being Beverly more than you love Linda? What if you had to choose between the two?

Linda told her mother and sister that Darryl would be visiting. Did she tell them the rest of the story?

Linda and Darryl will continue to talk on the phone, and the next time he visits, the intimacy will continue. What if the dynamic increases?

What if Linda leaves you for Darryl?

You are living the fantasy of many men. I imagine you have mixed feelings. Is this what you wanted?


fifi said...

I just discovered your blog this morning and I find it fascinating!!! The thread about Darryl is most interesting and I for one would love to hear how it ends.

Ms. Lily said...

I check every day to see what you have written. Sorry, that I haven't been commenting. Just been waiting in anticipation for the final outcome. And my knight has been reading along and asks me daily if there is any thing new. I see him getting a little nervous with the fact of how interested I have been in your story. Thank you for sharing this exciting time in your life.

little shaun said...

I, like most people, wanted to wait until the final installment of Darryl's visit to make a comment.

Anonymous said...


Your work here has not gone unnoticed and under-appreciated. I have been cucking my sissy hubby for 7 years now, and can appreciate what you and your wife are going through. You do an excellent job of articulating your femme emotions. Trust me, sissy empathizes with you! Keep up the great work. Sandrat

Anonymous said...

Bev –

I discovered your blog a couple months ago, went back and read it from the beginning, and check almost every day to see what’s new.

My apologies for lurking…I didn’t what to have to create an account somewhere so I could comment. Thanks to the earlier poster who pointed out that it’s now possible to comment anonymously.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and your feelings with all of us. You’ve given us both a fascinating story and a lot to think about. I was initially planning to share your blog with my wife…now I’m not sure if I’m ready to have her take a wife-led marriage as far as Linda has.

Please share the rest of the ‘adventure’ with Darryl when you have time. There are so many unanswered questions and so much more that I (and I’m sure other readers) would like to know.

What really happened with Linda and Ron at Halloween? Was Anna okay with them having sex or was their flirting and their time at your house just Linda’s final test to see how you would react before Darryl arrived?

Linda’s sister and mom asked about the plans for Darryl’s arrival. Have they already met Darryl or did they meet him while he was there? Did you have to tell them about what happened during his visit or did Linda do that? How do you feel about them knowing? Does your mom know yet? That's way beyond having her ask why you're not wearing an apron!

Your description of the dress Linda’s mom picked out for Darryl’s arrival was great…it sounds so perfect for the occasion. But the fact that the apron from Darryl “went perfectly with the sissy dress” doesn’t seem like a coincidence. Did Linda help them coordinate your outfit or did her mom plan it with Darryl? Any chance of a picture of you in the dress and apron?

As soon as you said Darryl was finally coming to visit, I knew you’d end up sleeping in the guest room. But I thought Linda would make you move your things there before he arrived or have you put his bag in her room when he got there. I loved the way she waited until after dessert and then surprised you with the nightgown…and also the way Darryl came in to get his bag.

I was also sure you’d get a spanking and that Linda would be there to see it. But I was shocked that Darryl allowed you to be there (and made you help) when he spanked Linda. I’m not surprised that she got a spanking, but I thought he’d keep it private between them. That part made him seem like a bit of a jerk, especially after his earlier, more considerate behavior (calling you back in April to explain their evening, talking with you before Halloween, even what he said when he came in to get his bag). It sounds like Linda forgave him but I hope he doesn’t treat her like that again.

I was pretty sure you’d end up doing Darry’s laundry, although I thought Linda or Darryl would tell you to do that. Congratulations for thinking of it on your own. Did you iron his clothes and polish his shoes too?

What happened on Saturday before Darryl left? When is he coming back? Or is Linda going to visit him next?

How was Linda’s talk with you? Is she going to let you back into her bedroom or are you going to be sleeping in the guest room (maid’s room) full time? Even if she lets you back in her room, I hope you move some of your underwear to the guest room so you’re ready the next time Darryl (or anyone else) comes to visit. You don’t want to be wearing dirty underwear again when you’re bringing them coffee in bed.

I hope you and Linda and your families have a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m assuming that you’ll be doing most if not all of the cooking and cleaning, and that you’ll be doing it fully dressed as Beverly. Are you going to get to join them at the table or will you be eating by yourself in the kitchen?

Thank you again for sharing your journey and please don’t stop writing even though we don’t always comment as much as we should.

M said...

Thanks for the picture update - you look way cute.

ritemate said...

Count me in!
Can't wait to read about what Linda had to say to you when Darryl had left. It seems to me that he now has the authority to decide what's going to happen, and what's not going to happen, in your master bedroom. Has he exercised his authority, or has he let Linda decide the rules?

ritemate said...
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