Monday, August 31, 2009

A Golf Outing

Last week I got a call from Tom, the husband of Linda's good friend Anna, asking if I wanted to play golf on Friday. It has been a few months since I last golfed with my friends, so I quickly agreed.

“It will be a foursome of Anna and me and you and Jim,” Tom informed me. Neither Jim’s wife nor Linda golf, so the idea of me playing as Jim’s partner kind of made sense to me. “Tee time is at two, so Jim will pick you up at one. And just to make sure that there is no misunderstanding, it is Beverly that we are inviting.”

This was going to be a new experience for me as I had never played golf as Beverly. I was kind of looking forward to playing in a cute golf skirt and from the ladies’ tees.

Wednesday I went shopping for golf apparel and wound up buying a cute pink skirt with matching white and pink top, socks with pink trim, and white golf shoes. I have golf shoes but they are definitely men’s golf shoes, so those just would not work. I stopped myself short of buying a set of women’s clubs though (but I was tempted!!).

That night I showed Linda my outfit and she took some photos of me, telling me how ‘adorable’ I looked.

I was a little concerned how Jim would act, being paired up with me. I hope this was just a golf outing and nothing more.

It was fun being out on a golf course as Beverly, and Anna and I kidded the guys as we walked to the advanced ladies tees. Of course, Jim and I rode together in one cart while Anna and Tom were in the other. Jim was a perfect gentleman the whole afternoon, like helping me by putting my golf bag on the cart. We all broke up when he offered to wash my ball for me.

“I will wash my own ball, thank you very much,” I kidded as Jim’s face turned bright red, realizing too late what he had said.

Several times I caught him looking at my legs as my short skirt rode up when sitting in the cart or bending over to retrieve my golf ball from the cup. I quickly learned how to bend my knees and keep my back straight while doing that.

While the time outside in the sun was fun, my golf game sucked. I think it might have had something to do with the unaccustomed protrusions sticking out of my chest affecting my golf swing. Even with the advantage of the forward ladies’ tees, my score was higher than my average.

We all had a good time and talked about doing it again, maybe even making it a weekly affair. And I am happy to report that Jim never did anything out of line or hinted at there being anything more to this than getting together for golf. The last thing I wanted was for him to think that this was going to lead to something further. I don’t want that and I know his wife wouldn’t be happy with any hanky-panky taking place.

I guess the only thing left is to work on my golf game. Either that or learn how to yell like a lady… “FORE!”


alan said...

I wonder if the other set of clubs would somehow offset the "handicap"...

Glad you managed to get out and enjoy that before fall truly sets in...40's here this AM!


whatevershesays said...

I love golf. And damn if I'm not tempted to cross dress to play from the ladies tees. That would definately help my score.

Iowabev said...

I was going to try tennis because I like the cute outfits. But then I learned that I would have to keep my balls in the little pocket on the side of the panties. I think that would hurt too much and ruin my game.


rtronce said...

A very nice story. I am glad the it worked out for you, and your game will you definitely improve the more that you practice and play en femme. You may have to make a slight swing change, but otherwise you should be fine.

ritemate said...

Photo, pretty please!

All For Her said...

I think it's so wonderful that you have supportive friends and family. Having a couple of friends who are known to go en femme from time to time I have to say that I've honestly never considered requesting that they come en femme any time we've ever done anything. It never even crossed my mind. As a matter of fact, aside from a few costume parties where they have show up as stunning ante bellum southern belles I can't say I've ever been out with them en femme.

It's really wonderful to know that you are supported this way!

Liz Romney said...

You have some very cool friends, Beverly!

Sorry to hear about your score... but your got a nice outfit out of the deal.


Anonymous said...

Your story is wonderful. I am so jealous of your life. You are married to one amazing woman. My wife has me in panties and chastity from time to time and also goes on is so fabulous! She has not yet sissified me to your level. I hope for the best in your relationship and may it take you two to wonderful places you have not been.


Anonymous said...

Well, beverly, I do think it is time for you to get Ladies golf clubs. Just think about it for a second - you are a gurl... Besides, Ladies golf clubs are far prettier and you'll like them much better then your old ugly ones. Don't you want to look stylish for the men?

Just another way to make sure you stay femmed and proper.

Miss D