Monday, November 10, 2008

Darryl comes to visit - Part One

I suppose you want to hear about Darryl’s visit, don’t you? Oh my, so much happened in such a short time that I hardly know where to begin. But let me begin by saying that Linda and I have a strong marriage and we would never want to do anything to jeopardize that. I think we are pushing the envelope sometimes, but we always talk about it after and check the other’s feelings and reaction.

So let’s start with the day before Darryl’s arrival as that is where I left off. I spent the day in preparation of his arrival by cleaning the house very thoroughly, going to the grocery story with list in hand of the meals to prepare, made sure the laundry was done and any clothing Linda might want was ready for her (little black dress, sexy lingerie, etc). When Linda got home that night she quizzed me to be sure I had gotten everything ready. She inspected the house and asked me what the menu was going to be. Everything met with her approval so we were able to relax and spend the evening talking about what to expect.

“Darryl is really looking forward to finally seeing you in your total feminine role so that is how I want you to stay while he is here. Tomorrow I want you to prep yourself by taking a long soaking bubble bath to relax. Then shave yourself top to bottom as I want you totally hairless from your nose down to your toes. I want you to wear a nice dress as well as something sexy underneath. I will leave the choices up to you but you should look ultra feminine. Take your time with make-up and hair and do the best job you have ever done. I want you to really ‘wow’ him. Understand?” Linda asked.

“I want you to lay out my black dress, my matching black bra, garter belt, and panty set that I got with it, and pick out a pair of black stocking. Make sure there are no snags or runs in them. I will call you when I leave work so you can draw a bath for me to step into as soon as I walk in the door. While I am soaking in the tub you can get me a glass of wine and bring it to me.”

“Let’s plan on having drinks and snacks at seven, dinner at eight-thirty. You will greet Darryl at the door when he arrives around six o’clock and ask him what he would like to drink. Then you can show him to the guest room in case he wants to unpack or freshen up before dinner. After you serve him his drink come see me and see if I need your help with anything.”

I sat there quietly the whole time Linda was talking. I was not only being given my instructions but also being made to understand my role during Darryl’s visit. When she was done instructing me we sat quietly and watched TV the rest of the evening. I tried to initiate sex with her but she stopped me in my tracks with just a look, a look that told me that my role as the servant had now begun and my role as her marriage partner had been put on hold until further notice.

Tomorrow… Darryl arrives!


Ms. Lily said...

I have been waiting all week for you to post. It seems like an exciting start. I am sure your anticipation level must have been on over load by this point. Looking forward to tomorrow.

little shaun said...

Marriage partner status on hold. That was definitely the strongest statement of the post.