Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Darryl comes to visit - Part Three

I have got to give him credit… Darryl didn’t laugh! He smiled when I opened the door, let his eyes travel from my eyes to my feet taking in my total appearance.

“Hi, good looking. Are you going to stand there looking beautiful or are you going to invite me in?” Blushing, I stepped back and held the door open for him. He smiled down at me as he passed, letting his arm brush against my padded breasts. As I shut the door behind him, he set his bag down, then turned to me and gave me a hug.

“I must say, you don’t look anything like my old friend. I guess I didn’t expect you to look so feminine, so passable, so pretty. And that dress is just so cute and makes you look a lot younger, almost juvenile. Do you always dress like that?”

Again, I blushed. “No, Linda’s mother is responsible for this. I usually dress age appropriate.” All of this time, he was still holding me. He finally realized my discomfort and released me. I asked him what he wanted to drink, told him where the guest room was and that he could clean up if he wished. I headed towards the kitchen to fix his drink but turned to see him heading up the stairs. “God, this is going to be a very strange night.” I thought.

His drink delivered, I headed for the master bedroom to check on Linda. She was dressed in her black dress and looked stunning. I had almost forgotten how hot and sexy she was.

Oh, good. You are just in time to zip me up. So how is Darryl? Was he surprised by your appearance? Let me know when he is back downstairs so I can make an entrance. Now get out of here so I can finish getting ready.” And with that she turned back to the mirror dismissing me.

Darryl was just coming out of the guest room as I left Linda. He stepped aside to allow me to descend the stairs first. What a gentleman. “Linda will be down in a minute. Would you like another drink? I have to go check on dinner.” As he followed me down the stairs I was so glad that we were going down and not up, otherwise he would be looking up my short skirt.

As we reached the bottom of the stairs Darryl said “I will be right back. I need to get something out of my car.” There was a part of me that hoped I had scared him off and he was making a run for it. But I knew Linda would be upset if that happened. I guess it was finally sinking in that even though Darryl was originally my friend, that now he and Linda seemed to be closer than Darryl and I were and that this evening was really for her, not for me. I was their entertainment, not their equal. And I resigned myself to go along with whatever was expected (or demanded) of me that evening.

I heard the door open and close so I knew Darryl had returned. I headed into the living room with his drink in hand just as I heard Linda come out of the bedroom and descending the stairs. Darryl and I looked up in unison and each uttered a combined ‘wow!’. Darryl brushed pass me, ignoring his drink, and met Linda at the bottom of the stairs. I was shocked at their embrace as it was so intense. Once before I witnessed them kiss, a nice warm kiss of friends. But this was nothing like that one. This kiss was the kiss of lovers… or soon to be lovers! I was totally ignored as their embrace seemed to last forever.

It was almost comical when then broke apart and greeted each other with “hi, how have you been?” The comments just didn’t fit with the intimacy of that embrace. Finally Linda noticed me standing there watching them.

“What do you think of our Beverly? Isn’t she just precious?” Linda purred while still in Darryl’s arms. He reluctantly turned from Linda to look at me.

“I had no idea how far you had brought her. She looks so cute.”

Cute? Precious? Was this me they were speaking of? I had been reduced to cute and precious? Oh, my.

Finally Linda seemed to become aware again of her surroundings and suggested that we all sit down. She took Darryl’s hand and led him to the sofa, leaving me to sit alone in the chair. “Beverly, would you get me another glass of wine? How is your drink, Darryl?”

I headed to the kitchen to fetch drinks and check on the food. Everything was coming along fine so I took the drinks and a plate of appetizers back the living room. I had only been gone for a few minutes but it appeared that Linda and Darryl had been occupying themselves with a few more kisses. They broke apart as I set the refreshments on the coffee table.

“I brought some gifts with me for my two lovely ladies,” Darryl announced. He got up and walked over to the door to pick up a bag sitting there. Returning to his place beside Linda, he reached into the bag and handed a small wrapped box to Linda and then a larger present to me. “Linda, why don’t you open yours first,” he instructed.

Linda proceeded to unwrap the paper and to display the jewelry box inside. She opened the lid of the box and her mouth fell open. Darryl had given her a beautiful necklace with what appeared to be a diamond pennant hanging from it. Without a word, Darryl removed the necklace from the box and proceeded to fasten it around Linda’s neck. She looked at it and then hugged and kissed Darryl. “It’s beautiful. But you shouldn’t have given me such an extravagant gift,” she exclaimed. I was thinking the same thing. Then they both turned their attention to me.

“Go ahead, open yours,” Linda instructed.

With some reluctance I removed the wrapping paper to find what looked like a shirt box. Lifting the lid my fears were realized as I discovered something pink and lacy.

“What is it? Come on, show us,” Linda demanded. I lifted the contents out of the box to show her the frilly apron.

“I remembered how much she enjoyed wearing an apron last time we were together. So I got her a special one from me,” Darryl remarked. “And her name is embroidered on it.” Sure enough, across the front in raised lettering read ‘Beverly

At their urging, I stood and slipped into the sissy garment. Surprisingly, it went perfectly with the sissy dress I was wearing. “Oh, Beverly, it’s darling. I love it, don’t you? Go ahead and show Darryl your appreciation, just like I did.” The meaning of her statement was not lost on me and I slowly walked over to Darryl, leaned down to him, thanked him, and then kissed him as Linda looked on beamingly. She had now witnessed me kissing a man. While she had seen Joe kiss me on Halloween, this time it was me instigating the kiss. Before I could pull away, Darryl slipped his hand around my neck, holding me and the kiss longer, and to my dismay, slipped his tongue into my mouth as well! Oh, god, I had just been French kissed!

Linda laughed as I finally pulled away from Darryl. She had me turn around to model the apron and even perform a curtsy for their benefit. Finally I was allowed to sit down and conversation started flowing. Darryl filled us in on his latest business dealings and Linda talked about her work and travels. I sat quietly as I knew they didn’t want to hear about my latest escapades in housecleaning.

I left them to go get the dinner ready and called them to the table as I lit the candles. Darryl was holding Linda’s chair for her as I returned with the food, then took the seat beside her, leaving the end seat for me. Dinner was cordial with the two of them occasionally including me in the conversation. But mostly the only talk directed at me was a comment made about the food (it was delicious I might add).

Following dinner, without anything needed to be said, I assumed my duties of cleaning away the dishes as they headed back to the living room. It took me nearly an hour to wash and put away the dishes. I stayed in the kitchen most of that time, coming out once to bring them coffee and once to refresh it. Each time I walked in on them kissing, the second time I think Darryl had his hand up under the hem of Linda’s dress. But I had just caught a glimpse as I didn’t look at them as I refilled the coffee cups. I guess I was trying to be a good maid and not a jealous husband. Besides, I don’t think they would have stopped even if I had protested.

Finally I came out announcing that dessert was being served and they broke their embrace. I notice that neither of them looked the least bit guilty about making out like a couple of teenagers. Linda had me stand before Darryl as I served the dessert, asserting her power and control over me for his benefit. Again, food was followed by light conversation and comments about how nice the evening had turned out. I had to agree as I was surviving my ordeal of feminine exposure as well as watching my wife enjoying the charms of another man.

And then the dreaded end of the evening arrived and it was time to turn in. I had tried to push the thought of it out of my head ever since Darryl had arrived. Now came the moment of truth.

Linda sat down her wine glass, looked over at me and said, “Honey, I think you should sleep in the guest room tonight. I am sure you understand. Darryl and I are going to turn in now. It would be great if you would have some breakfast prepared by seven so I can eat something before heading off to work.” And with that she stood, reached out her hand to Darryl, and the two of them walked towards the stairs. She stopped at the foot of the stairs and turned back to me.

“Honey, would you please unzip my dress for me,” she instructed me. As I walked over and slowly pulled down the back zipper I realize that this was her way of having me accept and prepare her for her new lover. And Darryl claimed his place by placing his hand on Linda’s bottom as they climbed the stair

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