Friday, November 21, 2008

Darryl Comes To Visit - Part Seven

Darryl quickly finished the spanking, pulled the hem of my dress down over my bare bottom, and told me to get up and to pull my panties up. I didn’t look at him as I bent over and slid the panties into place, covering my male attention in the process. He turned by to the table and picked up his coffee cup, then held it out to me.

“My coffee has cooled off. Please refill it for me.” I took the cup and headed into the kitchen, happy to be escaping the embarrassing situation. Fortunately, nothing was said about our ‘dual reactions’.

I returned with his coffee then headed upstairs to shower. When finished, I exited the shower just in time to hear Darryl call out “I will see you later,” followed by the door shutting. Wrapped in a towel, I sat on the edge of the bed and reflected on what had happened that morning. Why had he spanked me again? It was one thing to do that when Linda was here to witness it. I could almost understand it then… him showing his power over me and his position in this three-way relationship. But to do it when it was just the two of us didn’t make sense to me. He certainly didn’t need to prove anything to me.

Totally befuddled, I finally mustered up the energy to get dressed, once again finding myself selecting a feminine outfit and sitting down to put on my make up. Why didn’t I just put on some of my guy clothes? No one was going to be there all day so there was no real reason to dress as Beverly. And yet that is the route I took once again. I rationalized that while Darryl was here, he was the man of the house, so I couldn’t dress in that mode.

I spent the day, again, in a fog… going through the motions of picking up the house and preparing dinner, but not really aware of the tasks. Linda arrived home first, but just barely. I had greeted her at the door, hung up her coat, and was in the process of bringing her a glass of wine to help unwind from her workday, when we heard Darryl’s car in the drive. I turned towards the door, ready to go open it for him, when Linda brushed past me.

“I’ll let him in. You go get him a drink,” she ordered. I walked by her just as she opened the door. Darryl smiled warmly at her and greeted her with an embrace. “My, they are really getting chummy,” I worried. “Will things be able to return to normal after he leaves?”

Once again, when I returned with his drink, they were sitting on the sofa, kissing. He took his drink from me with a thanks, then returned all of his attention back to Linda. I could see that my company wasn’t needed… or desired… so I returned to the kitchen to finish dinner. Once placed on the table and announced, I waited for them to sit down, then served the coffee.

I almost jumped for joy when Darryl talked about having to leave the next day to return home. He said how much he had enjoyed his visit (I bet he had!), and how he appreciated our hospitality. “Things turned out so much better than I had expected,” he stated as he looked into Linda’s eyes. She smiled back warmly and agreed.

“I hope we haven’t been to rough on you, Beverly, You have been a real trouper going along with everything we threw at you,” he said to me. I wanted to reply that I really wasn’t given much choice in the matter, but I just smiled back at them.

It was a quiet evening, quite different then the other two. We sat together and watched TV, them on the sofa and me in the chair. For the most part they behaved themselves and didn’t turn the night into another make-out session. We talked freely about everything except the roles we were assuming or how the two of them would spend their final night in our bed. As the evening was drawing to a close, Darryl started to get frisky as his embrace got tighter around Linda and his hands began roaming freely. I don’t know when it happened, but during one commercial break I looked over at them and discovered that Linda’s blouse had been unbuttoned and pushed free of her shoulders. She had selected a front hook bra and it was unfastened, allowing her breasts to hang free. Darryl’s hand was roaming back and forth, from one to the other, caressing and teasing her nipples. Her eyes were closed; she was no longer watching TV! When the show ended, they stood, said goodnight to me and headed up to bed. Just another night at the Jones’s house.

Everything so normal… except that was my wife! Alas, tomorrow he would be gone.

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shebsheb said...

actually, your posts are fabulous. thank you so much for sharing this with us. i wish i could one day be in your place :)