Thursday, November 13, 2008

Darryl comes to visit - Part Four

I didn’t sleep very well that night as I am sure that doesn’t come as a surprise to you. Would you be able to sleep if your wife had just taken your friend to bed for the night? I don’t think so!

The sound of the bedroom door closing jolted out of the daze I was in. I found myself standing alone in the living room. Numbly, I checked to see that the doors were locked, turned off the lights, and reluctantly climbed the stairs to the guest room. The guest room! I was being pushed out of my bedroom and left with the guest room for the night. I couldn’t believe it. The last time I slept in the guest room was when Linda was ill and needed privacy to get a good night sleep.

I set Darryl’s suitcase on the chair in the corner, and then stopped dead in my tracks. Lying on the bed was my nightgown! When had Linda had time to put that there? Obviously it happened sometime before the two of them came upstairs, which means that Linda had known that she and Darryl would be sharing a bed and I would be sleeping alone. Did she do that before she came downstairs after Darryl’s arrival? Or, perhaps she did it as early as when she left for work this morning? Once again I realized how blind and naive I had been to what was happening.

I slipped the apron and sissy dress off and hung them in the closet. As I walked back to the bed I heard a noise and turned towards the door. In walked Darryl, seeing me in my panty and bra, stockings, and heels.

“My, don’t you look sexy,” he smirked. I blushed and picked up the nightgown and held it up in front of my near naked body, then realized what a feminine gesture I had just made. Darryl smiled and commented “you really are a sissy little thing now. You are nothing like the guy I use to hang out with. You are so totally feminine now.”

I just stood there, silent and holding the nightie like a shield. Why was I acting like such a sissy?

“I just wanted to let you know that I told Linda that perhaps we were going too fast by sleeping together tonight, but she insisted that you would understand and be accepting of this. I sure hope so.” He walked over to me, hugged me, and once again, kissed me on the lips, and again forced his tongue into my mouth. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he broke the embraced, gave my pantied bottom a firm spank, picked up his suitcase and left the room. I never said a word the entire time. I just accepted what was going on and how I was being treated. I must have stared at the door for several minutes before finally shaking myself out of the daze. I took off my undies and put on the nightgown. Then I closed the door and climbed into bed.

Sleep did not come easy for me. I also realized how soundproof our house was as I, fortunately, never heard a sound from the master bedroom. I remembered wondering, when our children were small, if they were ever able to hear strange sounds coming from our bedroom. I knew now that we didn’t have to worry about that as no sounds were transferred.

I had no trouble getting up in time to fix breakfast the next morning as I had hardly been asleep. Deciding what to wear was another matter. One fortunate thing was that I kept most of my feminine wardrobe in this room since there was too much to fit in Linda and my main closet. However, my underwear was all kept in the dresser drawers in the master bedroom so all I had to wear were the items I wore yesterday, unless I wanted to enter the master bedroom in my nightgown. I wasn’t about to do that so I put on the worn items, figuring I could always change once they had left for the day. I quick shower, shave, and make-up applied and I was ready to get dressed. Now what to wear? Well, I decided as I pulled a dress out of the closet, since I was being treated like a maid I might as well dress like one. I slipped on my ‘day maid’ dress (not the French maid uniform), slipped into a pair of black pumps and headed for the kitchen.

Once I had the coffee going I decided to play my role all the way. I put the coffee and cups on a tray and headed for the master bedroom. My knock was answered with a sleepy ‘come in’, so I walked in and placed the tray on the nightstand.

There was Linda and Darryl lying in bed together. The reality of it really sunk in. At least Linda had a nightgown on. I don’t know how I would have reacted if they had been lying there nude. I am not sure what Darryl had on, if anything, as he was under the covers.

Linda reacted first by sitting up and smiling. “What a nice way to wake up with our maid bringing us coffee. Thank you Beverly, how sweet.”

“Yes, ma’am. Breakfast will be ready in fifteen minutes if that’s alright.” I played right along with her.

“That will be great. Would you start the shower for me?” As I walked into the bathroom I heard her say to Darryl “good morning Honey. That was a fantastic night.” I could hear them kissing as I started the water in the shower. I set out two towels for them, then headed back through the bedroom… just as a very naked Darryl was climbing out of the bed!

“’Morning Beverly. Sleep well?” he asked as I passed him, trying not to look down at his ‘nakedness’. I was afraid that he was going to hug me and I didn’t want to experience hugging a naked man. So I quickly exited the room, hearing Linda’s laughter as I closed the door.

The food was waiting for them when they entered the dining room. As they sat down at the table I notice Darryl giving Linda a look and a nod, definitely a prompt for her to say something.

Beverly, I don’t think you were very cordial to Darryl this morning. You didn’t say ‘good morning’ to him or answer him when he spoke to you. That wasn’t very nice, was it.” I looked her with a stunned look, not sure what I was supposed to say or do.

“Well, don’t you think an apology is in order?” Again, I was caught totally off guard and just stood there.

Barely two beats passed before Darryl reached out and grab my wrist. “I think I know how to get an apology from her.” With that, he pulled me over to him and across his lap before I could react. I was totally stunned by this maneuver and didn’t move as my skirt was pulled up over my hips. Just as a “whaaaa..” escaped my lips it was quickly silenced as Darryl’s hand came down on my pantied bottom. I think two or three hits landed before it registered… “he’s spanking me!” He held me firmly as I squirmed on his lap in total embarrassment. Not only was he spanking me, he was doing so in front of Linda. My humiliation was now complete and I surrendered to his power over me. Finally the assault was finished and I felt a nudge indicating that I should rise. I couldn’t look at either of them as I stood up. I was still too shocked to react, though I wanted to cry.

“That’s what bad little girls get when they don’t respect their elders or they misbehave. I hope you remember that or you will be spending a lot of time over me knees. And Linda, that goes for big girls as well,” Darryl firmly stated.

I looked at Linda to see her expression go from shock and disbelief to understanding and acceptance. Her eyes dropped without looking at me and I knew that we had both accepted our positions.

Before any relief could seep into my mind, Linda announce “Darryl is going to be in town for a few days this trip and will be staying with us a couple more nights. Isn’t that great?”

I knew better than to remain silent to her question, so I replied “that’s wonderful. I will plan meals for the next two nights then.”

“Don’t bother fixing anything for us tonight as I am taken both of you out for dinner.” Darryl rose from the table and stated that he had better be going because he had an early meeting. He leaned over Linda and gave her a long and warm kiss. A quick goodbye to me and he was heading out the door.

Linda sat at the table quietly for a few minutes, picking at her food, then looked at me. “I know that this has been hard for you and certainly more than you had expected. I’m sure you want to talk about it but there just isn’t time now. I will try to get home early so we can have a few minutes for just you and I. I must say that you are doing a wonderful job with everything. So just keep it up a little longer.” She got up from the table and came over and hugged me. As she released the hug she said “pick out an outfit for me to wear tonight… something sexy.” Then turning and walking away, she said over her shoulder “isn’t nice that you don’t have to worry about fixing dinner for tonight? Darryl is so thoughtful… and so good in bed! See you later.”

And once again I found myself being left in a lonely daze. This was beginning to be a habit! And it looks like there was still more to come.

And there is!

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Yoyo said...

Hello Bev,
I’ve never seen nor read a blog such exciting like yours.
Being (semi) forced to wear women clothes and panties and being spanked in them, forced to serve other women and men, being used by them is pure heaven! I hope to see and read more of your experience.