Monday, November 17, 2008

Darryl comes to visit - Part Five

I sat at the table for a long time thinking about all that had taken place in such a short time. The fog in my head slowly started lifting and I realized that my coffee had long ago gone cold. I cleared away the breakfast dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, and wondered how I was going to keep myself busy, and with it my mind so I wouldn’t dwell on everything that had happened.

Since I was dressed like the maid I figured I might as well make the most of it and pick up the house so it would look good when Linda and Darryl returned. There wasn’t much to do since I had spent time two days ago thoroughly cleaning. I picked up the living room and removed the wrapping paper from Darryl’s gifts. Reflecting on those, I realized that he had spent a good amount of time picking out (and personalizing my apron) our gifts. Had I thanked him sufficiently? I was sure that Linda had done so when they were in bed.

Thinking of the bed, I decided to wash the sheets, figuring that they needed it, so the two lovebirds would have fresh bedding tonight. Why was I so accepting of this development? Had I seen it coming? I didn’t think so, but maybe I was just fooling myself.

I made sure that I took the bedding off without looking for traces of Linda and Darryl’s tryst. I didn’t need to see physical proof of what had taken place because I was sure that it had. How could it not have happened? On the chair was the clothing that Darryl had worn on his arrival. “I guess I should wash those as well,” I thought. What a good housewife/maid I was. It felt strange to be washing another man’s clothes. It was something I never thought I would do. One more step towards giving up my manhood.

When the laundry was done I remade the bed, then went to the closet to find something for Linda to wear that night. She has a hot little red dress that really shows off her body beautifully. She has only worn it twice with me because she says it is ‘too sexy’. “That will be perfect for tonight,” I thought. “Everyone will be looking at her and I can blend into the background.” I also selected a red bra and panty set that would really finish off the outfit. I found myself thinking “Darryl will really like this.” I didn’t know why I was going out of my way to make Linda so sexy for Darryl. I guess my mind was on autopilot and I was just going along for the ride.

For my outfit I select a more conservative skirt and blouse. I picked out a simple bra and panty set since I knew no one would be seeing it. Nude hose and black pumps completed the look.

It was early afternoon by then so I decided to enjoy another relaxing bubble bath. Before I could start, I heard the doorbell. Darryl had returned. I let him in, asked how his meeting had gone, then asked if he wanted something to eat or drink. He asked for a beer and I went to the kitchen to get him one, only to discover that he was following me. He asked what I had been doing and I told him about doing his laundry.

“You are a great little wife, aren’t you?” he stated. “No wonder Linda keeps you around.” I wondered what he meant by that. Had Linda said something that I didn’t know about? I reflected back to their late night phone conversations and once again worried about what all had been discussed in my absence.

Ignoring the comment, I told him that I was going to go take a bath and then get ready for tonight.

“I think I will take a shower and get changed as well. Since my clothes are in the master bedroom I guess I will use that shower,” he stated.

So once again I was pushed out of my bedroom and bathroom and forced to use the guest facilities. As we headed up the stairs I realized that, without consciously thinking, I had set my clothing for the evening in the guest bedroom. I guess that I had accepted the changes without thinking.

I had been soaking for about twenty minutes, having shaven my body fully, when Darryl opened the bathroom door. I found myself embarrassed that he could see my hairless body relaxing in the feminine bubbles.

“I thought we could have some time to talk.” With that he leaned up against the sink and indicated that he wasn’t going anywhere soon. I tried my best to carry on a normal conversation… there wasn’t anything specific that he wanted to discuss, just idle chitchat… while aware that the bubbles that hid me were quickly dissolving away. I could see his eyes travel over my body, acutely aware of our physical differences as mine was so much more feminine appearing.

The water was turning cold and I was starting to ‘prune’. “I need to get out now and get dressed. Would you mind leaving?” I asked sheepishly.

Instead, he grabbed the towel, opened it in both hands, and held it for me to get out and step into. “Come on, you haven’t gotten anything I haven’t seen before,” he smiled.

With great embarrassment I stood up and stepped out of the tub. As he wrapped the towel around me he said “wow, you shave everywhere, don’t you.” Another secret was revealed. I wondered if Linda had told him and he just wanted to see for himself. After drying off, without thinking, I wrapped the towel around me in the feminine way like a woman would do, just under the armpits to cover her breast.

“It looks like, without even thinking about it, you do everything as a woman would do. You really are all girly now, aren’t you. Have you switched to men yet?”

“No,” I answered, then walked into the bedroom. He followed and proceeded to sit on the corner of the bed. He intended to watch me dress! “Well, if it’s a show he wants, then a show he will get,” I thought as I dropped the towel and picked up the panties on the bed. I slipped them up my legs and then reached for the bra.

“Need a hand fastening that?” he asked.

“No thank you,” I replied as I slipped it into place and skillfully reached around back and fastened the hooks. I glanced at him, expecting a comment. But he just smiled at me. We both knew what he was thinking… how I was truly at ease in my feminine role.

Without speaking, I walked back into the bathroom to apply my makeup. He sat on the bed and watched me through the open door, occasionally chitchatting away, but mostly watching my transformation. When I finished I walked back over to the bed and picked up the blouse, buttoned it up, then stepped into the skirt and zipped it up. I put the wig on, stepped over to the mirror to comb it, sprayed on some hairspray, smiled as I spritzed on some perfume, and stepped in front of him as if to say “what do you think?”

His approval came quickly as he stood and walked over to me. “That was really something, watching you get ready. You were totally feminine the entire time. Not once did I feel like I was watching a guy get dressed.” He further showed his approval by slipping his arms around my waist and pulling me to him, then tenderly kissed me.

“Yeah, watching you kind of turned me on as well. Want to do something about it?”

“No,” I said as I pushed away from him. I wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not, but I didn’t want to find out if he wasn’t. I grabbed a purse from the dresser and headed downstairs. “Are you coming?” I asked over my shoulder.

“No, just breathing hard.” He joked. Back downstairs he asked for another beer and sat down on the sofa in the living room. I brought him his beer but sat in the chair opposite him, not trusting him enough to sit next to him.

Linda arrived home soon after. She walked in and sat next to Darryl on the sofa and asked me to get her a glass of wine. When I returned they were in an embrace. Immediately I thought about Darryl’s comment to me about how watching me had turned him on. And now here he sat next to my wife, still in his randy state. That could be dangerous.

As I sat down in my chair, they pretty much ignored me. As Linda asked about his day, I couldn’t believe what happened. Darryl’s hand reached over to Linda’s leg and slipped under the hem of her skirt and started up her leg. He met no resistance from Linda.

As he proceeded to tell her about the scene that took place in the bedroom with my reversed striptease, his hand found its target and I watched Linda’s legs part to allow him easy access. As he proceeded to pet my wife in front of me, Linda looked at me and asked “so you got out of the tub and got dressed in front of our guest? My, what a little hussy you are.”

“Me, a hussy?” I thought. “You are the one being felt up right in front of me.”

“Maybe we should take this upstairs,” Linda said to Darryl in breathless words, her eyes glazing over.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” Darryl replied while smiling at me.

“I think it would be better to do this in private,” Linda countered.

Darryl suddenly sat upright and removed his hand from under Linda’s skirt. “Are you disagreeing with me?” he snapped. Linda’s eyes grew wide as she shook her head. “I think you are. And we can’t have that, can we? Go upstairs right now and prepare for a spanking. You know what to do, and don’t you dare argue with me.”

Without a word, Linda rose from the sofa, glanced nervously at me, and headed up to the bedroom.

Darryl watched her the whole way. When she was out of sight, he turned to me. “I want you to come with me and witness your wife being spanked. I don’t want you to say a word or to interfere in anyway, If you do, you will receive the same as Linda.” With that we both stood and we walked up the stairs. And just like the previous night, Darryl place his hand under my skirt and on my bottom as we climbed the stairs.

The sight upon entering the bedroom was shocking to me. Linda was laying on the bed with her feet still on the floor. Her skirt was pulled up and her panties were pulled down to her knees, her bare bottom sticking up in the air. Guiding me with his hand on my ass, Darryl directed me to stand on one side of Linda’s prone body as he took the other side.

“Hold her skirt up so it doesn’t get in the way,” he ordered. Then he began spanking my wife just as he had spanked me the night before. This time I was a witness to her humiliation at his hand. Linda endured twenty swats, barely uttering a sound until the end. I stood there holding her skirt the entire time, not daring to say anything to try to stop the punishment. What kind of a husband was I that I would allow a man to do that to my wife and not say anything? A wimp, that’s what kind.

Finally finished with Linda’s punishment and humiliation, Darryl said to me “you can go back downstairs now. We will be down in a little while, after Linda get ready to go out.”

As I was leaving the bedroom I heard the sounds of a zipper being pulled down, followed by a ‘thud’… Darryl’s pants hitting the floor. The last sound I heard as I headed downstairs was a moan from Linda. I guess both of us had made Darryl horny, and he was finally finding some relief.

Almost an hour later they came downstairs and were ready to head out to dinner. As Darryl helped Linda with her coat, she smiled at him. I guessed everything was forgiven. And the night was beginning.


little shaun said...

You've got us all glued to your blog. Can't wait until next installment!

bdenied said...

an interesting read. a dynamic I am not sure I understand but at the same time find the story very interesting....

ritemate said...

You really are a good girl, accepting Darryl’s and Linda’s decisions and actions. Having reread your earliest entries, I wonder if this isn’t a good time to reconsider your thoughts about hormones. And I think you are so sweet in your latest picture. No wonder Darryl gets horny!

All For Her said...

The suspense is killing me!