Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Darryl Comes To Visit - Part Six

Before heading out, Darryl took me aside and told me that the evening was his treat to Linda, and I was being ‘allowed’ to accompany them, so I was to be on my best behavior. I felt like a six year old kid being lectured by a parent before going out to the grownup place. No reply was expected from me and none was given. I walked behind them to the car.

Darryl had selected an excellent restaurant, one of our favorites. It was located in another city about 45 minutes away, which reduced the likelihood of seeing someone we knew. That was important considering that I was out dressed as a woman and Linda was being escorted by a man who wasn’t her husband. Had we run into anyone we knew it could have had dire consequences. Fortunately, luck was on our side and the evening was uneventful… at least in that regard. I guess watching my wife being courted by Darryl was anything BUT uneventful. They flirted the whole time, he held her hand from the time she got out of the car to the table, pulled out her chair for her to sit, ordered for all of us, and spent the evening staring into her eyes. Linda loved the attention, and what woman wouldn’t! Darryl played his part perfectly, lavishing the compliments and carrying on conversation with Linda. She was definitely a queen on a pedestal.

I was definitely the third wheel and wasn’t sure why I was there. It was obvious that Linda and Darryl wanted to spend time together and they ignored me most of the time. I believe the only reason I was there was so Darryl could see how I would do out in public. Once he realized that I wasn’t going to panic or draw undo attention to myself, he ignored me. Or maybe the reason I was there was to watch my wife being seduced by him so my place in the relationship was further driven home.

Since it was a work night, none of us wanted to stay out too late (as if I had any say in the decision), so after dessert, we headed home. It was almost comical when we got home as Darryl shut off the car then hurried around to open Linda’s door for her. Once she got out Darryl took her hand and walked her to the door… all the time I was left sitting in the car, waiting to see if he would open my door too. He didn’t. And there I sat.

Once inside Linda ‘asked’ me to put on some coffee and to bring it into the living room. I knew an order when I heard one, so I disappeared into the kitchen as they settled into their normal spot on the sofa. When I carried in the coffee fifteen minutes later they were making out. Linda’s dress was unzipped, pulled off her shoulders, and Darryl’s hand was inside her red bra caressing her breast. It was really difficult for me to witness his sexual assault on my wife. What was I suppose to do… sit there and watch… or leave them alone?

Finally Linda broke their kissing long enough to look at me, still standing next to the coffee service. “I think we will take our coffee to the bedroom,” she said as they got up from the sofa. As she stood her dress slid off her arms and into a puddle at her feet. Standing there in her sexy matching red bra and panty she told me to hang up the dress and to thank Darryl for the ‘lovely evening’.

I stepped over to him and thanked him while leaning in to place a kiss on his cheek. He anticipated my move and turned it into a kiss on the lips that lingered longer then I thought necessary. I couldn’t help but feel the reaction taking place in Darryl’s pants and wondered which of us had caused it, though I was sure it was there from his petting with Linda.

“I’m glad to see the two of you are getting along so well. I just knew Beverly would enjoy being a sissy girl for you,” Linda stated taking Darryl’s hand to pull him away from me. Shockingly, for a second I felt a twinge of jealousy as Linda led him away, once again leaving me standing there alone in the living room. What a strange feeling it is to watch my half naked wife leading her boyfriend up to the bedroom.

It surprised me that sleep came easier that second night. Perhaps I was being too accepting of this new situation. But then there really wasn’t much I could do about it, so might as well accept it.

The morning was a repeat of the previous morning… me serving coffee in the bedroom, seeing the two of them laying in bed together so naturally. I was able to get out of there before Darryl got out of bed so I didn’t have to see him naked again.

Breakfast was served and eaten with minimal conversation. Linda kissed each of us (Darryl first), and then was off to work. Darryl was going to hang around for another hour before he had to head out. So he sat at the table and watched me clean up the breakfast dishes and tidy up the kitchen. The work done, I was going to head upstairs to shower, when Darryl stopped me and had me stand in front of him. It felt strange to be receiving orders from him when Linda wasn’t there to witness it. Darryl started talking about last night, asking how I felt seeing Linda partially undressed with him and him playing with her breast.

“I felt very uncomfortable and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do,” I answered.

“Did you like seeing it? Did you like knowing I was taking your wife upstairs to make love to her?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

“I don’t think it mattered if I liked it or not as it was going to happen because it’s what Linda wanted. My protesting wouldn’t have stopped her.” I started to turn and walk away when he reached out and grabbed my wrist. I looked at his hand, felt his firm grip, and protested “I don’t think there is anything more to talk about. I am accepting what is happening and I won’t say anything to interfere. But I want to go take a shower now, let go.”

I knew that was a mistake as soon as the words came out of my mouth. Before I could utter another word he pulled me over his lap, and I knew what was coming.

As I felt my skirt being lifted he said “I didn’t say you were dismissed yet. Now lift your hips so I can pull down those cute panties.”

Without a word of protest I lift my hips and felt him slip the panties down to my knees. “My sissy little Beverly likes being in this position, doesn’t she?” he asked, his hand caressing my naked bottom. In answer, I hung my head in total surrender. “That’s what I thought. Linda was sure you would enjoy your spankings. You can expect a lot more of these.”

With that, Darryl’s hand stopped caressing and started hitting my bare butt. There I was, alone in my house, laying over the knees of my old friend. Could things get any worse? Of course they could… I was getting an erection from this! I was sure he could feel it as I was naked on his lap. Then another surprise… I could feel his erection!

Oh, my God!

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